A Smile That Made Me Crazy

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I was there but wasn’t there, lost in the dark alleys of past. In the darkness live some moments of joy. A smile had lit up some corners. It was the same smile I fell for. She was lost in a book, wearing that constant smile. The constant smile on that perfectly drawn face took me to a perfect world, a world that never existed. I would have happily given away my life standing there, but the bell rang and I found myself standing among rows of cabinets and tables, the library.

That smile on that perfectly drawn face was still there, the jewels, the makeup, and whatever the bride wears wasn’t needed. She was perfect herself. Everyone around was admiring the beauty of the bride and how perfect was the match. In all the praise she had raised her head high in glory. Not even the slightest form of regret was to be seen on that face, I had once admired. Her face was now the face of a victorious warrior who just returned to a great welcome.


Source: nina-gifs.tumblr.com

Why was I even there, when I had decided not to? Everyone around was staring as if I was an out-lander. My eyes were flooded with liquidated feelings and before someone took me from my arm I gathered all the courage I had and bought up a smile that had long been lost somewhere. Why was I doing this, smile for what? Just to show her that I was alright, but was I?

Did it even matter? A strong hand held me from my arm and dragged me away from the center of attention. As I turned, I felt a tremor and the river of feelings broke all the barriers and flooded my soul. I think I lost my senses and by the time I got back I was in the car and she was driving……..

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