Little Things In Life That Make Us Happy

For this article we did a survey to ask people about the small things in life that go unnoticed but which make us really happy. After the survey we realized that it’s the small things in life that make us the most happy. Here are some of the best responses.

1. Donuts

“Donuts are basically round, chocolaty things that spread happiness.”



2. Winter Mornings

“Winter mornings are the best. Especially when you can just curl under your blanket and think about life while drinking hot coffee.”

happy girl  is basking  under a blanket and a cup of coffee on a winter morning at home



3. Smiling at a child you see in public

“Smiling generally. But a child’s smile is just so innocent and pure. Best kind of smile.”



4. Pooping in you own toilet after a long journey

“This is seriously the best feeling ever. It’s bliss. Seriously.”


5. A Long Bath

“A long hot water bath after a tiring day at work is the thing i’m most thankful about.”

Cupped Hands Under Shower



6. Giving your Best at A Job You Love

“My job may be very tiring but at the end of the day i’m at peace knowing that I’ve given my 100% to the job which is my passion.”



7. Getting a new Haircut

“Getting a new haircut changes everything. Happiness personified.”



8. Laughing out Loud at a funny memory

“Reminiscing about times gone by is just the best. Memories make you smile in the saddest of time.”



9. Eating Your Breakfast In Bed

“Perfect Start to the morning is having your breakfast in bed!”


10. Trying out a new recipe and creating something delicious

“Cooking always makes me very happy and satisfied with life. And creating a delicious dish which you’ve never tried before is a victory in itself.”



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