Six Reasons to Have “The Forty Rules Of Love” on Your Desk!

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1. The Author:

Source: Dalkey Book Festival

Elif Shafak, a writer from Turkey who published her nine novels in which ‘The Bastard of Istanbul’ and ‘The Flea Palace and Honour’ is renowned. She claims to be the most read female writer in Turkey. When she started writing a novel in English, she faced an opposiion in her own country because she opted to use another language for her writing rather than the mother tongue.

2. The Balance Between Two Eras:

Source: Dalkey Book Festival

The beauty of the novel is in the balance between two different eras. The novel begins with 21st century’s well-stable family and shifts to the turbulent period of the thirteenth century; the period of Sufism.

3. Ella Rubinstein:

Source: Tumblr

From 21st century, Ella seems to be the part of a well-established family in Northampton. Her husband prosperous Dentist and earn all lavishness for the family. Their marital relationship is blessed with three kids. But the questions are:

  • Does lavishness fulfill all the sine qua non(demands) of marital life?
  • What makes Ella forced to take a divorce from David after being married for twenty years?

4. Rumi and Shams:

Source: The New Enlightenment

From the 13th century, we meet the well-known Islamic scholar of Konya namely Jalal ad-Din Rumi, who had thousands of disciples and admirers from the East and West. He was a mainstream cleric but his life’s stream changed the path of flow after an encounter with Shams of Tabriz (dervish). Rumi became a poet.

5. Characterization:

Source: Pinterest

A novel framed a scholar in madrasah, Dervish in his thirst of finding God and a companion, harlot (prostitute) from the brothel, beggar of the city, drunker from tavern (bar) and all other characters with full congenital. The scenes of the novel are easily visualized by the reader.

6. Best Part Of The Novels:

Source: Dr. Rex

Mainly, there are five parts in the novel; ‘earth, water, the wind, fire, the void’ All of them change the mood of the novel. The best part of it is the manuscript of the novel by the name ‘sweet blasphemy’ which was given to Ella Rubinstein as her new job to submit a report on it, written by A.Z. ZAHARA. That ended with the dramatic change in Ella’s life.

Rapid fire:

Best character: Shams of Tabriz

Best part: The forty rules of the religion of love. (By shams which he gives on different scenes and situations)

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