According To Science, Having A Sister Makes You A Better Person!

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Having a sister can be both; troublesome and a blessing. Sometimes sisters might bother us, but you will be quite amazed by the recent discoveries science has found.

Sisters can sometimes be very annoying

I know that we all have experienced our sisters being a complete pain. Sisters can be compelling and annoying as hell. They take our stuff as if it’s their property like they have no regard for us. Sisters will never show you respect unless you teach them how to! (Do not take this point too seriously…)

Annoying sisters

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Anyways, there are two kinds of sisters; an elder sister and a younger sister. Elder sisters somehow give us wisdom and a sense of responsibility, however, on the other hand, younger sisters annoy us to the point where we lose our cool.

Furthermore, little sisters eat your food, which you might’ve kept for a movie. They blackmail you about the little things you’ve been hiding from your parents.

Sisters are the worst roasters yet the best teasers out there. It’s probably the hate the fumbled in us that makes us go mad even when their roast is lame, but coming from them, it becomes hard to control yourself.

I remember once my younger sister washed my phone with toothpaste because the edges looked like teeth to her. So, yes, it is hard to tolerate sisters.

Sisters are a blessing for covering up for you!

Somehow, in some ingeniously self-centered way, sisters sometimes cover up for us. When you’re talking to your girlfriend or when you want to sneak out at night, sisters help you.

Every Saturday night, when I come back late, it’s my sister who opens the door for me. It makes me feel as if she is looking out for me. Sisters give us a sense of understanding. No matter how much you resist the norms, most emotions endured in us and given to us by our sisters.


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Science proves that having sisters can be good for our mental health; since they make sure of our wellbeing regardless of the hate-love relationship. Sisters help us when we’re down, they’re close to us, and hence we can share anything with them.

However, there is always epic stuff that brothers want to tell their sisters about!

We all need someone to share our lives with, friends and family are all we have, but sometimes we are distant from our parents and not always next to our friends. In such cases, sisters come to our aid. They help us get back up on our feet, sharing their own stuff with us.

Whenever we need some food, our sisters are there, whenever we need some loan, our sisters are there and whenever we need to feel at home and pampered, our sisters are there!

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