‘Coke Studio’ Singer Asad Abbas Passed Away After Months Of Struggle

Singer Asad Abbas Passed Away

According to a post on his Facebook page, folk singer Asad Abbas, whose health had been suffering for quite some time and who was in desperate need of financial support owing to his condition, passed away.

Due to double kidney failure, the artist, who took part in Coke Studio Season 6 (CS6), was receiving dialysis three to four times a week and 13 to 14 times a month. The treatment was done in a hospital setting.

Singer Asad Abbas Passed Away

The words “May the Almighty Allah expand his grave and give Asad Abbas eternal peace” are written in the post that announces his passing away. He battled right up until the very end.

The statement was made by the singer Nimra Rafiq, who expressed her sadness by saying, “He fought and kept fighting until he gave up.” I feel terrible that we were unable to assist him. Asad bhai, may you finally get the tranquility you deserve.

Abbas made an appearance in CS6 alongside Fariha Parvez for the folk number Mahi Gal, which was set to the music of the raag Malhar. His tune was one of the songs that received the greatest praise throughout the season, which was the first time that a large number of foreign musicians collaborated together.

“The very talented folk singer Asad Abbas, who also appeared in season 6 of Coke Studio is in dire need of our support at this time,” Rohail Hyatt, a renowned composer and music producer, said in a note in May that detailed Abbas’s health and made a plea on his behalf: “The very talented folk singer Asad Abbas, who also appeared in season 6 of Coke Studio.” To everyone who is interested in lending a hand to him. We are keeping him in our thoughts and prayers at this time. Many thanks”

Later in the month of June, actor Adnan Siddiqui turned to his various social media platforms in an effort to assist in raising money for Abbas’s medical care. “Asad has blessed our lives with his magnificent voice, winning our hearts with his emotionally charged performances and his extraordinary musical talent. “Unfortunately, behind the curtain of his immense talent, he is today waging a personal battle that has left him in a state of extreme financial distress,” the author wrote. “It is a tragedy.”

The media attempted to get in touch with Abbas, who revealed his predicament while stuttering and saying, “I am undergoing dialysis, mujhe doctors ne jawab dediya hai” (My doctors don’t see much hope). They believe that in order for me to receive therapy, I need to be sent to the United States, just like Alamgir did. I am requesting the government’s aid in the form of financial support since I am currently in a position where I cannot fend for myself financially. I do not own a car and am responsible for providing for a family. Because of this condition, which I have had for the past seven years, I have now lost function in both of my kidneys. Earlier they attempted to do a kidney transplant, but it did not end up being successful. I have also been a singer for Mekaal Hasan Band, received a Lux Style Award and a Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, and have spent many years serving my nation as an artist.

Abbas came from a family that has a long and illustrious history in the world of music. Both his grandpa, Mohammad Sadiq, and his great-grandfather, Mohammad Iqbal, were key figures in the development of folk music in Pakistan. They have been performing together since the beginning of Radio Pakistan. Ali Abbass, Abbas’s brother, and Amanat Ali, Abbas’s cousin, are both famous folk and modern musicians. Abbas is their cousin.

Abbas’s vocal skills and body of work earned him a position in Mekaal Hasan’s Rivayat series. In addition, he is a member of the cast. It is notable that he won victorious from the well-known singing competition known as Pakistan Sangeet Icon and that he has had a music career that has spanned over three decades.

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