Sindh’s Voice: Imran Khan is only brave on the face and not a man for Sindh!

Imran Khan brave

Imran Khan has occupied the political arena of Pakistan for quite some time. If you ask anyone within or outside the country regarding the politics, Imran Khan stands top of every one’s mind. Mainly known for his ending-corruption rhetoric, Imran Khan has failed to address the real issues when God gifted him the position and power to do so.

Imran Khan’s supporters would hate to hear this but the fact is he is just another player in dirty power-politics of the country. The argument we often hear is at least he is the most courageous and brave politicians to have stood against tyrannical status –quo politicians.

This is nothing but the disgrace of one’s sane mind because what makes the person courageous, particularly in politics, is addressing and talking openly about the real issues. Imran Khan has neve touched upon those ever. Our problems go far beyond corruption when the existence of the country is at stake. For those, who remain ignorant to his coward politics, I have gathered few facts proving him so.

Imran Khan abandoned Sindh!

Mr Imran Khan, Pakistan is much more than Punjab, and Sindh is much more than Karachi. I don’t remember Imran khan talking about the real issue of Sindh apart from bashing Sindh’s ruling party PPP which rightly deserves so. But, the problems are far beyond corruption only.

Sindh’s real issues are its diminished share in national exchequer though it contributes to 70% energy requirements of the country. Sindh another problem is ‘Kala bagh dam’, not taking any sides on it, but it’s the prime problem if you ask any farmer earning his life from the lands. Have we ever heard Imran khan talking unequivocally on these issues ever? I bet, ‘No’ is the answer.

The only time when Imran khan talks the language of Sindh and its inhabitants is when he takes PPP to the toll. Undoubtedly, PPP has failed to be the voice of Sindh. But then, Imran Khan hurts the feeling of people of Sindh including those of urban areas when he backed off on his stance against MQM.

Recently, in his Jalsa at Karachi , he refrained from even condemning death of his political worker Zahra Shahid, may be he was expecting to bring the bigger devil down by taking MQM’s side. If that’s the case, what change is Imran khan talking about when he openly becomes part of the status-quo politics?

Well, I will advise him to learn from Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who, after dissension to Ayub Khan, began his politics from Lahore rather than Larkana. Has he ever dared to do PTI jalsa in Shikarpur, Sukkur, or MirpurKhas? Aren’t people living there not living terrible lives?

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 Imran Khan Abandoned Balochistan to worse

Well, Sindh is not the only province off the radar of Imran Khan, Balochistan is worst deprived of Imran khan attention. The province is worst hit by terrorism, sectarianism, and insurgency. As per Imran Khan, leader is one who leads the team from the front. Does Imran Khan not consider Balochistan as equal part of Pakistan as Punjab? If he does, then why he hasn’t done any public gatherings there?

Balochistan is the province which keeps its inhabitants in destitute and flourishes other provinces through its gas, metals, salt, and other natural resources. Imran Khan is expected to gain more respect and appreciation if he travels to rocky hovels of poor people and hears the people’s problems.


The truth is Imran khan lacks courage to talk about prevailing sectarianism in Balochistan that have slained thousands of Hazaras over the years; insurgency and human rights violation by intelligence agencies, that leave number of young balochs massacred every day. Balochistan don’t even qualify for Imran Khan to be talked at his so called revolutionary-sitins.

Dying to make Taliban friends knowing the bloodbath they caused on border and in streets

The so-called ‘harbinger of peace’ exposed his coward-politics when he didn’t utter a single word at a time Pakistan Army initiated operation against Taliban. Often called as Taliban Khan by his critics, Imran Khan boasted his principled stance on peace talks with Taliban.

Firstly, Imran khan remained ignorant of cruelty of Taliban who killed thousands of our brave soldiers on border and thousands of our civilians on streets. How can a ‘ghairatmand’ leader like him ignore that? Yes he ignored because he is coward to the core. Secondly, he refused to come clean when Pakistan Army initiated an operation to bring an end to Taliban’s barbarism.


Imran Khan’s own ruled Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa is worst hit by Taliban insurgency and terrorism. At the ground level, the Police and bureaucrats remain de-moralized because on one hand they have to ensure security against mighty Taliban and on other hand their leader is vowing to be friends with Taliban. The end Result is loss of state’s writ to terrorists who are there to destroy you to bits.

Civil Disobedience everywhere except KPK?

Another cowardly and selfish move was the resignation from National Assembly and assemblies of all provinces except KPK. That showed the real intimidated Imran Khan behind the mask of courageous one. The change begins from home trough, but Imran is Imran, he has his own rules. The announcement of civil disobedience movement in all the provinces except KPK is constitutionally treacherous act and a person doing that is a traitor.

Imran Khan forgot all the sacred slogans of Justice (Insaf) and equality (Adl) when he went with wide smile on his face to meet General Raheel Shareef expecting the umpire to declare Nawaz Sharif out. To his disappointment, it only left Imran exposed of the lust for power he has. Imran could have relied on his people’s power to get Nawaz’s resignation but he had hopes on umpire than his people. No wonder, his dharna is proving a failure when it could have achieved a lot more to him.


Imran Khan didn’t raise voice for justice in front of former CJ when it mattered the most!

Imran Khan refused to utter single word when he had serious reservations about former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary’s role in election rigging. He remained quite fearing the contempt of court. That act was out and out disparaging. The brave is one who stands on the face of evil no matter how ferocious it is.

Imran Khan lacked the courage to speak for what he thought is right and ask for justice. It may have got him under contempt but the message to the nation would have been clear that he is there to stand for whathe thinks is right and ask for justice rather he went shush when former CJ reprimanded him in the court.

Had Imran khan not done this coward act, he would not have been sitting at dharna in Islamabad and the whole nation would have spared much peace. At least the things would have been different for the people. But, he chose to pursue power-politics over people’s politics and remained oblivion to justice when it was right time to demand it.



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