Sindh Minister Suggests Omitting Utility Bills As COVID-19 Shuts Business!

sindh minister utility bills coronavirus

As the situation due to the pandemic gets out of hands, the Sindh Minister asks the government to waive off utility bills. The shutting of businesses raises many concerns about the situation as the halt leads to people dying of hunger.

Sindh Minister gives a call to waive off utility bills as businesses shut nationwide!

Analyzing the grave situation, recently, Sindh Agriculture Minister Muhammad Ismail Rahoo asked the government to waive utility bills for two whole months. Like others, Pakistanis are also facing complete social distancing; meaning that people are not permitted able to go out until necessary. Since Pakistan comes among the list of under-developing countries, negligence of precautionary measures can be brutal.

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Rahoo pleaded the government to provide people with 300 units of electricity free of cost. Also, people should be provided with the natural gas worth of 1,000 rupees per month, he asserted.

As mentioned by officials, Pakistan is a country where a large population lives below the poverty line. Most of them earn daily wages, and these people do not have savings to survive such severe conditions.

sindh minister utility bills coronavirus

Source: GEO News

There have been talks about locking down Pakistan for two consecutive weeks; which means the poor will thrive of their needs. However, countries like the US have allocated 1,000 dollars per house to survive the ‘global emergency’.

Similarly, the Canadian government has announced wages to be provided to the residents in the current pandemic. Coronavirus cases are dramatically increasing in the country and people have started to panic.

However, many organizations, including media are making sure that people are well-aware of the situation. Hence, the Sindh Minister Muhammad Ismail Rahoo seems to be a quite sensible guy for asking the government to take such steps.

Authorities combatting the Coronavirus epidemic!

Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah has announced 20,000 rupees to be distributed to families who have someone suffering from Coronavirus. Moreover, the students of Habib University have developed an application that allows you to detect Coronavirus symptoms in a suspect.

sindh minister utility bills coronavirus

Source: DW

Moreover, the Sindh government has established the biggest hospital for the patients of Coronavirus. People are advised to stay isolated in the current situation; as staying at home and a controlled environment seems to be best right now.

This 2000 bed facility of Coronavirus care and cure emergency center is a move in the right direction. It also shows the farsightedness and the grip of the elected ones over such matters.

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