Sindh Live Stock Expo 2021 A Resounding Success

After the resounding success of the first Livestock Expo, the second Sindh Livestock Expo was held between the 13th and 15th of March. The three day conference took place near the Hatri Bypass in Hyderabad at a private marquee.

This event was organised by the provincial livestock department in collaboration with other departments such as tourism, information, and agriculture. The national nutrition survey of 2018 showed that 39.6% of households in Pakistan face food insecurity: owing to high prices of food and an increased dependence on food crops.

This expo advocates and encourages best practices for farmers thereby decreasing reliance on agriculture and increasing the effectiveness of livestock farming. At the Expo discussions were had regarding new technologies for livestock farmers and ways to maximise as well as predict yield.

Expos such as these should be promoted and further funded as livestock contributes more to Pakistan’s economy than all other types of agriculture. By promoting the most effective strategies for livestock we are thereby strengthening our economy and working towards poverty alleviation. This event was attended by rural livestock rearers and will serve as a platform for them to improve their techniques and increase the profitability of their practices.

The event was also attended by a diverse range of professionals and people from different walks of life from foreign dignitaries, CEOS of foreign businesses, the live stock community and exporters. By hosting such an inclusive event we are able to promote community building.

Furthermore by putting the livestock community in touch with foreign businesses and exporters we are increasing Pakistan’s potential for foreign direct investment. The event was also a great opportunity for potential investors to see the best of our livestock and fishery sector.

There was a large display of livestock at the expo including livestock, poultry, goats, exotic birds, camels and more. The unique event also had over one hundred fresh water and marine fish.

The Aquaponic farming display with particularly important as it provided an innovative solution to increasing efficiency.

The Sindh Livestock 2021 aimed to empower communities and improve practices within the sector. Kudos to the entire team for a great event!

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