Another Crisis In The Offing! Food Dept Accuses Sindh Govt Of Stealing Wheat

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As many as 1,68000 metric tons of wheat bags have been reported missing from the government’s storage facilities in Sindh. The wheat was in a storage facility from where it went missing. To put things in perspective, this is the biggest wheat theft in Sindh. The total value of wheat was at Rs7 billion.

Sindh government has been accused of stealing the wheat to create a shortage in the province. The provincial government used to procure 100% wheat target before, but reportedly ever since Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaan (PTI) government came in power Sindh govt stopped buying wheat. It eventually results in a wheat shortage in the country.

However, Chief Secretary Sindh has ordered an inquiry into the matter and has handed over the case to the anti-corruption department.

This year, the Sindh government set a wheat procurement target at 1.4 million tons. However, the provincial government has not started the process yet which could result in a wheat crisis. Sindh has so far procured zero tons where its target was one million tons.

Apart from the government’s storage facilities, the wheat worth Rs4 Billion which was being transported to Karachi has also been stolen on it’s way to the city.

Food Department accused the Sindh govt of stealing wheat

Moreover, the Food Department after conducting an inquiry claimed that Sindh government officials are involved in stealing the wheat. “It is present in different storage facilities in Sindh. Action should be taken against the officials who are involved in the crime,” the report said.

The Food Department has been investigating the wheat stealing case from the past one year. They have now issued a report where they claimed that Sindh government officials are involved in creating the wheat crisis. Local media also disclosed the report by the Food authorities.

It is noteworthy that in April last year, the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) Sindh had unearthed a scam in which wheat worth Rs. 620 million was stolen from warehouses of the Food Department in Dadu. It was sold illegally later on.

People raising a lot of questions on Sindh govt

Furthermore, as soon as the news went viral, people start bashing the Sindh government for creating a wheat crisis during the difficult time of coronavirus outbreak.

Wheat and sugar crises are very crucial issues in Pakistan. The NAB has recently announced to investigate reports of plunder worth billions of rupees through price grouping, smuggling, alleged subsidies, and various other aspects of these crises.


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