Sindh Govt To Setup Isolation Units For 696 Pilgrims Arriving In Sukkur!

sindh govt pilgrims sukkur

Following the closure of the Holy Ka’ba, pilgrims from all around the globe are returning to their respective countries. Recently, the Sindh Govt has given the orders of setting up 4 more Coronavirus isolation units for the batch of 696 pilgrims arriving in Sukkur, via Taaftan.

CM Sindh has announced the ‘Corona Relief Fund’, under which the revision of the health facilities will be carried out. Additionally, the health authorities will also pay attention to the functionality of the hospitals before the pilgrims arrive.

696 More Pilgrims Arriving At Sukkur Via Taftaan!

According to the commissioner of Sukkur, around 17 buses, carrying the 696 pilgrims are en route to Sukkur. The possibility is that they will be arriving at noon today.

The joint meeting with the CM Murad Ali Shah promulgated that the funds for all necessary medical procedures will be arranged from the salaries of government officers.

sindh govt pilgrims sukkur

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To prevent any further outspread of COVID-19, a block of Sukkur Labour Colony will succor the impetus of an isolation center. Later, that unit will be used as a fully functioning hospital, coherently carrying out all the medical procedures.

Imparting light on the medical staff, the CM pinnacled that a highly qualified medical superintendent will supervise all the pediatrician, paramedical and janitorial staff. Undoubtedly, the staff will be observing the use of necessary gadgets.

Moreover, the CM assigned officials from the secretary and home department to synchronize with the airport authorities and federal government of other provinces.

sindh govt pilgrims sukkur

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Sindh Govt. Remarkably Handling The Situation!

As of now, the Novel Coronavirus has inflected its wrath on 172 people in Pakistan. Despite the lack of resources and funds, the Sindh Govt has been quite successful in handling the situation. With the world’s largest Coronavirus care and cure emergency center, CM Murad Ali Shah surely deserves a big chunk of acclamation.

An attempt to curb any further spread of the virus, the Sindh Govt. has decided to procure anti-septic soaps, worth Rs 100,000. The authorities will be distributing the soaps amongst the citizens.

Regarding the CM’s concern on the current situation, Sindh Information Minister said: “The CM is personally monitoring the situation. Importantly, the provincial government is ready to deal with any problem in connection with coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, the Govt has ordered the closure of markets and public gathering places for 15 days. This will somehow, reduce the risk of any more people getting infected. Nonetheless, the shops with grocery items and pharmacies will remain open as per schedule.

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