Pakistanis Show Anger After Sindh Govt Purchases 21 New Luxury Hilux Revos To Fight Locusts

Sindh Govt revo locust

Once again, Pakistanis on the internet are feeling immense anger towards the Sindh Govt for an extravagant move. Everyone is aware of the locust swarm in Pakistan, wreaking mayhem and havoc, especially in the field of agriculture.

The ‘far-sighted’ Sindh Govt, to fight the locust attack in Sindh, has spent money presumably in the wrong direction. As per the viral news on social media, Sindh Govt has purchased 21 new Hilux Revos, apparently, to ‘fight the locust attack’.

Ever since the news got out on social media, Pakistanis have been enraged at the luxurious spending to fight a problem, that needed the investment elsewhere. Apparently, the new Hilux Revos will carry spray tanks in the back cabin of the cars, to spray fields affected by locusts.

This is the explanation many have been giving towards the ordeal. However, people were quick to point out that instead of purchasing 21 Revos for Rs. 286 million, the Sindh Govt could have purchased old 4×4 vehicles for the same purpose.

Vigos preferred over medical equipment to fight coronavirus

People have been pointing out that this was done to please officers for this particular project. While Sindh faces a lack of medical supplies and equipment fighting coronavirus, the mammoth amount of Rs. 286 million spent on 4×4 vehicles is a ‘waste of money’.

Others have been pointing out that in two weeks, the same cars will be used for the personal lives of politicians and bureaucrats. Which can be deemed as partially correct. Cars of different projects, once they are done with, are usually taken by politicians and bureaucrats alike.

As per one user on social media, 626 cars previously with the Sindh Govt were now missing. Nobody knows where they went. They were one purchased from the taxpayers’ money for specific projects.

Moreover, one user mentioned that the Sindh Govt opted for the luxury version of the vehicles instead of the normal ones. Which is almost Rs 20 lac more than the normal version.

This is what people have been saying on social media about the recent purchase since it got viral

Furthermore, apart from this particular story, on the lighter side of things, India has been claiming that Pakistan is making a ‘locust army’ to attack it. Yup, you read that correctly.

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