Sindh Govt Deploys Health Officers At Karachi Airport To Check COVID-19!

Sindh Government Coronavirus

In the atmosphere of fear, driven by the corona pandemic, the Sindh government is taking some extraordinary measures to control the virus.

Although coronavirus is the problem of the whole country, the Sindh government is working tooth and nail to tackle the deadly Coronavirus.

Sindh Government Coronavirus

Source: 24 news HD

On Karachi Airport, the Sindh government has deployed professional and avid doctors. Reportedly, the officials of the Sindh government are thoroughly checking every arriving passenger for Coronavirus.

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Sindh Health Department officials deployed at airports!

As per this tweet, the Sindh government is taking measures pragmatically and in a very professional way. Moreover, the officials of the Sindh government are inquiring passengers about their travel history and other related concerns. Apparently, travel history lays cardinal importance in the case of the Coronavirus. It is quite difficult to differentiate between seasonal flu and this deadly mayhem.

Therefore, travel history aids a lot in identifying the virus. If someone has a recent travel history to any country, with such devastating cases, the government immediately shifts the suspect to quarantine. Earlier, the Sindh government reported soaring cases of Coronavirus and took stern action to prevent it from spreading further.

Sindh Government and PSL!

The Sindh government announced that PSL’s remaining matches in Karachi will have no spectators on the grounds. Besides, the decision was taken amid the growing vulnerability of coronavirus. 

Senator Murtaza Wahab, the Sindh government representative, wrote about the decision onTwitter “Sindh government has decided that the remaining matches of PSL in Karachi will take place without any crowd. This decision was made after consultation with all stakeholders including the Pakistan Cricket Board”.

Sindh Government Coronavirus

Source: arab news

Sindh Government has also extended school holidays due to the deadly epidemic. Moreover, the government also banned public gatherings.

Besides, the Sindh government has announced a prize and funding for developing a vaccine that can cure Coronavirus. Sindh Information Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah made this announcement in a video message. He said, “Whoever is going to produce a vaccine for Coronavirus will be rewarded, we hereby ask all the research laboratories,  research students. Whoever is going to develop an exact vaccine will be rewarded whereas all the expenses for the research, etc will be funded by the government of Sindh.” 

He further said, “Science and technology are keys to control Coronavirus or any other disease caused by a virus or other reasons, and I hope that an antidote can be developed.”

People on a social media platform are praising the efforts of the Sindh government.

Indeed a great work!


Is only the Sindh government is taking Coronavirus seriously?

To conclude, the Sindh government is doing praiseworthy work. Hopefully, the federal and the provincial government would follow the footprints of the Sindh government.

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