Raise Your Voice Against Barbarism, Because Our Silence Is Killing Them…

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Today we are living in an ultimately indecent society. We see humans but no HUMANITY can be seen since it has hung its head in SHAME.

Muslims in Syria, Burma, Kashmir, and Afghanistan have been sold out by the human rights organizations and these communities are now facing extinction, they are confronting unfathomable fierceness. There is butchery, mass assault, slaughter, genocide, all while the world is watching on silently, the human rights activists are silent over the murder of these hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims, while whatever is left of the Muslim community everywhere throughout the world, are acting as if nothing is happening.

The fact of the matter is, if they are human beings then why are they imperative? Do their lives not make a difference? Doesn’t that make us just as bad as the ones who are dropping bombs on these countries? Why have we not raised our voices against them in all these years?

Why are the Muslims leaders, governments, the political gatherings, who we have chosen as our leaders, sitting comfortably in their protected homes while so many suffer? Hundreds and thousands are being killed every day, yet these so called “protectors and leaders” remain behind the curtain.


Source: UPI.com

In the Holy Quran ALLAH (SWT) says:

“What is [wrong] with you? Why do you not help each other?” 37:2

We are in a condition that allows us to bail our Muslims fellows out of their miseries, don’t think ‘What will we receive in return?’ Just remember the declaration of our cherished Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH), who said:

“ALLAH (SWT) support His slave as long as the slave is supportive of his brother”

Source: Khaama Press (KP)

We must remember that ALLAH (SWT) will always help those who help their fellow brothers and we have to comprehend it very clearly that ALLAH (SWT) will surely assist us in all the hardships in the event that we join our hands and remain enduring.

Muslims ought to join together against the brutal attacks that are being held against our Muslims brothers and sisters. Muslims should not be indifferent to these events while our fellow brothers and sisters are being assaulted by these savages. It’s our obligation to help our Muslim brothers who are in need.

If they are in need of our help, we should help them for ALLAH (SWT). For it is our obligation to do so. If we still remain quiet and do nothing then the question, that we as a whole need to ask ourselves, is how will we answer ALLAH (SWT) on the resurrection day when these individuals will ask why no one came to their aid…

“Do not think that ALLAH (SWT) is unaware of what the unjust people do”14:42

Don’t be unjust. Try not to be quiet. Raise your voice against this barbarism, because our silence is killing them…

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