Signs You're Probably A Badass Girl In Pakistan

Signs You’re Probably A Badass Girl In Pakistan

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1. You Are Pursuing Your Higher Studies

or you probably already go to a prestigious university.

2. You are a feminist.

well duh, how can you not believe in the equality of women with men. That’s like so obvious.

3. You hate female stereotypes.

If I can bear with all the girl-special stuff, then I can very well deal with other things too. Don’t need a guy for every damn thing, thank you very much.

4. You don’t mind doing chores by yourself for yourself, which makes you pretty independent.

Some people need a babysitter like ugh, grow up silly child. It’s frustrating.

5. You dress however you like

and you probably buy it yourself too, or at least will, someday..soon.

6. You don’t care what others think of you.

Most important rule of them all.

7. That paros wali aunty probably hates you.

also applies for rishta wali aunty. Even if she doesn’t, you struggle to be polite to her.

8. You hate it when people say “shaadi kab karo gi”

Or that dreadful sentence, “shadi hogai kyaaa?” like dude, eww, can’t you see me happy?

9. You hate when elders talk about marriage

NOOOOOO! I want to be FREEEE!

10. Sometimes you wish you could go abroad, and live free from social norms

Unfortunately, you need to be a bit more badass (also grown up) for that.

11. “Ab aapki bari hai” wale cousins, UGH…

You hate that cousin of yours who teases you by saying “ab aapki bari hai”

12. Your parents are probably badass too

at least one of them, or someone in your family who’s close to you. otherwise, where will you get your daily dose of swag from?

13. You’re a girl with BIG Dreams.

Your biggest dream is to get a high-fi position in a multi national company, probably ceo, or maybe you dream of being an entrepreneur yourself, even better!

14. You know what you’re doing.

You know what you want with life, and even if you don’t know it yet, at least you know what you don’t want.
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Being a badass girl ain’t an easy job, but someone has to do it *flips back her hairs*

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