These Signs Confirm If You're Being Watched In The Trial Rooms

These Signs Confirm If You’re Being Watched In The Trial Rooms Of Shopping Centres!

There are many issues concerning the abuse of one’s privacy in our society. You can come across incidents surfacing where people are put into deception regarding their privacy and are played out wickedly. The worst part is that girls in our society get to suffer from these loopholes for the most part.

If you have heard people telling you about being careful in trial rooms while you are trying out that new outfit you want to buy, there’s a high possibility they might be right. We have had recurrent incidents where cameras record one’s activity in trial rooms, and while many have been caught and exposed, it continues to happen even at places where you are most unlikely to suspect.


This kind of shady activities is in full swing in Pakistan. Girls, especially, are increasingly growing concerned about their privacy and such violations in the shopping centres. It is a sensitive topic and the basic means of evasion of one’s privacy using cameras are revealed to the general public. However, they haven’t stopped; they have rather adopted the cunning ways to go about it.

Here are the signs that reveal the possibility of someone watching you or recording your activity in trial rooms of shopping centres

Source: IndiaMART

You need to be wary of concealed cameras, hidden microphones that are likely to be recording your activity in the trial room. Safety and precautionary measures always help and while you are looking to make sure your privacy is not evaded, you need to know some of the sly ways it can be compromised.

1. You would lose signals of your cell phone network if there’s a camera somewhere in your trial room. You can experience call drops and low signals.

2. Someone can watch you through a two-way mirror. A two-way mirror’s other side is always “see through”. Look for the mirror in your trial room if it is two-way.


3. If you suspect there’s a two-way mirror, switch off the lights and turn on your mobile’s flash. Once your side of the mirror is brightly lit, the other side is dark and you can spot if there’s something shady going on there.

4. Simply, look firmly through your mirror to spot someone on the other side.

Here’s the video demonstrating the same…

Be smart. Be safe. You are responsible for your own self. It’s a cruel world out there and you have no choice other than taking up your own responsibility and vouching for your own safety all by yourself. This needs to be made common knowledge now so that we can bust any sort of shady activities happening around us.

Have you people ever been to a trial room where you suspect you were being watched? Share your experience!

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