Signs That Show You Are Wearing The Wrong Foundation In Summers!

The 6 Signs That Show You Are Wearing The Wrong Foundation In Summers!

Women and makeup – world’s most inseparable relation. The key to having flawless skin in summer season, especially if you are living in extremely hot cities like Lahore and Karachi is to keep yourself hydrated and by eating loads of vegetables. Eventually, these two practices alone can help you in getting a nice, clean skin texture.

Another important trick during this season is to wear the perfect, suitable foundation. The weather during the season is extremely dry and sweaty. There is dust everywhere and surely, you want to look the best whenever you go out.


The key to having flawless skin is by wearing the perfect combination of foundation and face powder. However, many women fail to identify a foundation that matches their skin tone and type perfectly. I for one, did not know how to check a foundation that matched my skin tone on my face which differs from the skin tone of my arm (the usual method we all women try to check which shade works the best on us). Following are the signs that show you are not wearing the correct foundation shade:

1. The Color Of Your Face And Neck Do Not Match

A step many ladies forget the most is to evenly applying the foundation on their neck alongside their face. The key to using a foundation is to have a decent, flawless look – something which may not look fake. Since people sweat a lot in Summer, a not-so-good foundation will quickly fade away, leaving an uneven skin shade on your face and neck. Given so, you really need to change the shade to something which evenly matches both, your face and neck.

2. Applying Powder Leaves A Fake Effect On Your Face

If the compact you are using gives a white, cakey look to your face, there’s something wrong that you are doing. Using a loose powder alongside foundation is a must. The key here is that a powder should coat your face when you’ve applied a foundation. If it fails to do so, the combination you have is wrong. Either your foundation shade is not correct or you are not applying the suitable powder.

3. You Checked The Shade Of The Foundation By Applying It On Your Hand/Wrist

The exposure your face gets from the sun is unparalleled to what your hands and wrists receive. The shade of your face and hands are never the same. Some people (like myself) have uneven skin color even on their face. Needless to say, do not fall for applying the shades on your wrists to check the shade that suits the best. Check the shade by applying it onto your temples or on the jawline.

4. If Your Foundation Looks Heavy On You, It Is Not The Right Shade

Foundations are supposed to make you feel light. If it is standing out and giving a heavy feel to your face, there’s something wrong with the shade you are applying. Foundations are not supposed to add a fake look to your face.

5. If Your Foundation Makes You Tan, You Are Confusing It With A Bronzer

Foundations must neither make you too chitta, nor too kaala. They should blend with your natural skin color and add a natural effect to your face. You do not want to look fake when you apply a foundation.

A foundation enhances the look. A lot of people confuse it with something which will give a chitta look to you. For that, there are other techniques one needs to follow i.e, contouring, concealing and various others. Conclusively, for casual appearances, always make sure you wear the right foundation.

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