8 Signs That Prove You're Not A Girly Girl

8 Signs That Prove You’re Not A Girly Girl

1. You’d give a listen to Taylor Swift once in a while but Pink Floyd is your jam.


2. Your morning routine. Get up. Bath. Run out.


3. There are girls who go hungry just to buy a pair of shoes. But for you nothing can be more worthy than a cheesy pizza.


4. Color to you is not just shades of pink.


5. You are not the Sex and the City girl, you would rather binge-watch House of Cards.


6. Giggling in the bathroom with the girls is an alien concept.


7. Over the years you have managed to come to terms with stilettos but sneakers are your comfort shoes.


8. Nerd, geeky, tomboy… these adjectives do not bother you at all. Heck, they define you.


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