5 Signs and Actions of Unromantic Men You Need to Look Out For

Who doesn’t like to be loved, right? Especially when you are in a relationship or married, everyone wants to feel loved every once in a while. Get a surprise packet of rose, go out for an unplanned dinner date with just the two of you together, rekindling the relationship.

Sounds a sweet, romantic relationship, right? But one may not always get lucky to be with someone who does all sorts of romantic things to make the partner feel loved. Instead of fighting with your partner to do something romantic for once, you got to read between the lines and just back off…after seeing the signs that he is not the King of Romance you are looking for!

So Here’s Every Sign You Need to See Before You Fall for an Unromantic Guy:

1. He Forgets The Special Days – Like Your Birthday, Anniversary

Source: Hello Magazine

A birthday, as well as the anniversary, are important days for both to remembers. They should be cherished and celebrated with so much joy and fun, which exactly means why a man shouldn’t be forgetting about these days. If he does, he is super unromantic!

Doesn’t matter if you celebrate these days in extravagant ways – he needs to remember at least and have something light!

2. He Asks You What You Need for Your Birthday/Anniversary

I mean, you know her long enough. Can’t you just figure this out yourself and buy her something nice which may surprise her? Buzzkill when he’d keep asking what you want…

3. Not Showing Any Interests In Front of Your Friends and Family

Not important to hang out with your friends and family, but if you are there already at a combined gathering, just show a bit of interest to save yourself from an embarrassment. He needs to be made sure not to embarrass you.

4. When he Is More Interested In Spending Time With his Friends and Not You

Doesn’t mean you two have to be together 24/7…but when you guys meet, if he is more interested in seeing his boys, man, that not only sucks but is super unromantic.

5. Always Glued to their Mobile

When they value their social media more than physical time with you, nope nope nope!

Be cautious, ladies. Make sure you stay far, far away from these unromantic men.

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