Watch Out! 10 Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship

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If a relationship is not toxic, can it still be toxic? Well, yes. In fact, such relationships are far more dangerous than abusive ones. Given that you might not even be aware that it is harming you, a toxic relationship can kill you slowly inside, stunt your growth, lower your self-esteem, and disconnect you from you, without you knowing it, so BEWARE of the signs!

Toxic can be a very slow leak, but you know, even a leaky faucet can drown you. So it is important to step back once in a while and review. Check in with yourself. You ever know- you might be the one making the relationship sour and toxic, below are the signs.

So here’s what it looks like:

1- Envy & jealousy

Watch Out! 10 Signs You're In A Toxic Relationship
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While it is normal to experience jealousy from time to time, it can become an issue if they cannot get themselves to think or feel positively about your success. Instead of celebrating you for your personal awards and achievements, they only take away envy and jealousy, wishing they could have it and making you feel bad for it.

2- Endless drama

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Bear one thing in mind- good relationships improve your life, they do not make it messier. No matter how dull and simple your life might be, your partner always magically finds a way to stir up some new drama. RED FLAG ALERT!

3- Constant victimhood

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Certainly, you cannot move onto the future if you are tied to someone who is still stuck in the past. Maybe you and your partner have gone through some rough times and you are trying to move on. However, you can’t, because they keep referring to the past, painting themselves as the victim.

4- Gaslighting

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One word: RUN! If they make you question your own feelings, instincts, and sanity, they are gaslighting you. For example, they may try to convince you that they have never abusive, insisting it is all in your head. Or they may accuse you of being the one with anger and control issues by acting like the victim.

5- Unhappiness

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If instead of feeling happy and productive, you’re always mentally, emotionally, and even physically drained, it is time to re-evaluate. For example, when they enter the room, your first thought is, “God, what now?!” If someone is constantly making you unhappy, you owe it to yourself to let that person go!

6- Zero appreciation

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Nothing you do is right. They criticize you about everything. Every time you do something, they always have a comment about what you did wrong or how you could have done it better. They do not know how to appreciate you anymore.

7- No self worth

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You have lost your identity, and with that, you lost your self-worth. You do not remember the last time you made a decision that was just up to you. Your entire life is now a ‘we’.

8- Nonstop narcissism

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If the their interest in the relationship is really just a reflection of him or herself, it is impossible to achieve any kind of balance.

9) Persistent disrespect

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Your partner actively disrespects you in ways that are absolutely unnecessary, even when no fight is occurring.

10) Little white lies

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Your relationship has become peppered with little white lies, simply because they do not want to waste time explaining the truth. Not only that but also because they just do not want to tell the truth.

So guys, if you identify with most of these signs, maybe it is time to rethink your relationship. Love is blind, but you can’t always ignore the red flags. Also, give a read to the reasons why people tend to break up.

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