This American Guy Just Exposed A Huge ‘Illuminati’ Conspiracy In Pakistan

Illuminati Pakistan

Illuminati is one of the most controversial known organizations in the world. There is a plethora of information about the secret group. However, nothing is clear about their existence in the modern world. However, singer Timothy Todd Shea claims he knows the Illuminati in Pakistan, and they have a symbol.

In the video, Shea showcases the sign of Illuminati, which Pakistanis are using rampantly. He said, “Dear friends I have some shocking news; very serious matter about Pakistan that I discovered.” He continued, “I know most of you heard of the Illuminati. I after years of research. I have found the symbol of Illuminati in Pakistan.”

Moreover, he added, while showing the picture of Samosa, “I wanted to expose this here in front of everyone to be very very careful; because it is one of the most delicious conspiracies that I have ever had in my life. So, please be very very careful.”

So, as per Shea, the Samosas you are eating is the symbol of Illuminati beware.

Shea and his relationship with Pakistan

Timothy Todd Shea shares heartening relations with Pakistanis. Furthermore, he has performed in Pakistan and sang the national anthem of Pakistan.

In his visit to Pakistan in 2019, he performed in Nishtar hall Peshawar. His performance rocked the hall on new year’s eve. The Directorate of Youth Khyber Pakhtunkhwa organized the show.

Besides, Shea runs a charity organization, Comprehensive Disaster Response Services. He was in Peshawar to help the earthquake-affected people of the region. Moreover, soon after the disastrous incident of 9/11, Timothy Todd Shea devoted his life to humanity.

Here’s how people are reacting to the video of Shea about Illuminati.

‘Love you man’

‘ Starting my day with a big laugh’

Exactly! Haha…


Haha, yes!

In conclusion, Timothy Todd Shea is a wonderful being, and he loves Pakistanis. In these adverse times of COVID-19 pandemic, he truly brought smiles on many Pakistani faces.

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