The Unnoticed Side-Effects Of The Ever-Rising Hashish Culture In Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that is always open to change and experimenting new means of livelihood. Similarly, the people of Pakistan are always open to experimenting new things. The rise of the drug culture in Pakistan is not new, however, the use of Hashish is on its imperceptible peak.

The start of Hashish culture goes back to the Karachi University days and how Hashish was smuggled in the metropolitan city from Torah-Borah in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Afghanistan. Currently, a decent majority of the Pakistani youth is indeed addicted to Hashish, which is a member of the Cannabis family.

Hashish culture in Pakistan and its leading cities



No matter how much the fact is tried to be hidden, it is indeed evident, that Pakistan is engulfed by the rising Hashish culture. Universities, colleges, public places, personal gatherings – Hashish is present everywhere, especially in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

There was a time when people who smoked ‘Chars’ were considered as Charsis or people not to mingle with. In modern day Pakistan, smoking ‘Chars’ (Hashish) is considered as the new cool and literally, everyone is doing it. According to a personal survey conducted by this writer, out of a gathering of 10 people, 6-7 people among them are addicted to Chars.



Some smoke it to pass their time, some do it to forget their woes, while others just like the pacifist nature of the drug and prefer it over alcohol. However, ridding the fact and saying that ‘no, not everyone is a Hashish addict’ is only half-baked. Even girls these days take pride in smoking up. The modern method of smoking Chars is with rolling papers; the filled cigarette is then known as ‘Joints, Jays, Jonos, or Paper’.

The unknown and unnoticed side-effects of Hashish



They say the buzz is imperative and one of the best feelings in the world. What they do not tell you is that this too comes at a price. There is a school of effects that the drug brings along with it, most of which go unnoticed in day to day affairs.

The following side-effects have been researched upon by

Paranoia: Hashish smokers are bound to feel more paranoia than any normal person without the influence would. Anything coming closer or moving fast, in the back of the mind, acts negatively and produces an adrenaline rush that would not happen normally.

Memory loss and schizophrenia: Regular use of the drug in the longer run, can cause severe memory loss and in the worst case scenario, even schizophrenia.

Low attention span: Hashish smokers are also induced with low attention span, which means, concentrating on a particular subject for a long time becomes very difficult.

Fatigue of the body: Even though the body does not play a huge role in consuming the drug, it is affected the most. Lethargic movement and extreme body fatigue is a common side-effect.

Fluctuating emotions: The drug is bound to bring you into a bipolar zone. With fluctuating emotions, mood swings are very common. The smoker would be positive one second and the next might be different.

Damaged Lungs: Lungs take the severe most hit from the drug. Congestion, bronchitis and in the long run, lung cancer is possible as well.

However, in a country where people are smoking dead scorpions to fulfill their drug capacity, Hashish might just be of a lesser concern; but the growing and increasing sale and use of Hashish, with no age specification, is indeed a troubling sign for the youth. Let us get ourselves out of the haze and say no to drugs.

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