Shopsy’s New Ad Is Exactly What Great Marketing Is All About

Shopsy’s New Ad Is Exactly What Great Marketing Is All About

How often do you see a Pakistani ad that instantly grabs your attention, hooks you to the storyline, and leaves you wanting more? It would be fair to say not many but Shopsy’s new ad does exactly that and we think it’s an example of great marketing.

First, let’s take a minute to appreciate Danyal, who is one persistent guy. Through his persistence, he tries to win Faryal’s heart who plays hard to get and at times comes off a little demanding. Jokes aside, the ad tells a short captivating modern love story that is not only relatable but also conveys Shopsy’s use case very well in just 2 minutes.

Shopsy’s Ad concept is simple and unique

The simple and unique concept with a bit of humor and emotion thrown in sets it apart from advertisements we see on Pakistani media every day that more or less are the same. A star ensemble dancing to a cheesy song at a wedding party followed by the serving of (insert product here).

The ad’s title “Kahan Se, Kya Cheez, Kitnay Ki” gets the marketing message across and stirs curiosity in the brand. Although there are no actors, the characters and their communication through text messaging are realistic and relatable. Let’s face it, those of us born in the ’80s will have all experienced it at one point or another in our life. was the first shopping search engine in Pakistan that emerged on the e-commerce scene in 2016. Since then, the AI-based search engine has become the go-to platform for product search and price comparison. Shopsy currently enlists over 3 million products from all shopping websites in Pakistan. The startup raised investment in 2019 from Sybrid, a technology solutions provider part of the Lakson Group, which helped fuel its growth.

We would love to see a sequel to this cute story, or even better, a whole series of similar ads. What did they name their child, did Faryal make any further demands, did Danyal remain as considerate and proactive as he was after marriage? We need some closure.

On a serious note, this ad is a good example of how businesses with a little bit of creativity can execute great marketing campaigns without hiring celebrities or building expensive sets and breaking the bank.


Is there a Pakistani ad that you like and think is unique? Mention it in the comments below.

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