Shoppingum: A Breakthrough In The E-Commerce Industry In Pakistan!

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According to Express Tribune, the “E-commerce industry is going to exceed $1 Billion revenue in Pakistan by 2020”

This prediction was done 4 years ago in 2016 now no one knows or has an idea of how much more will this value exceed. These days the internet is the center factor of people’s life. It has become a living necessity. With these, the E-commerce industry is enjoying its peak time in the country of Pakistan. Now the internet is available all across the country and every person has excess to the internet. If they do not have Wi-Fi than 3g and 4g is the source of the internet for them.

New evolving trend of E-commerce:

One of the major use of the internet these days is online shopping. We see that all the brands now have an online site. Other than that many sites are available for online shopping and finding several different products on one site. This has brought ease to people’s life. They can sit in the comfort of their home and enjoy shopping. In contrast to this, in the very beginning, this niche has assumed overall control over the traditional way of shopping.

Breakthrough in E-commerce:

Shoppingum brings the breakthrough in the history of online shopping based on the fact that it tremendously reduces your online journey to bring you to the final product you are interested in buying, bringing you the desired product in the order of best quality and on top of all, at the most suitable prices.

Yes, you read it correctly, Shoppingum provides all these essentials of web-based shopping; Minimal user journey, quality products and in all the price ranges available on the internet.

Changing the Online Shopping Experience:

The idea behind founding Shoppingum is to put an end to the conventional web shopping where you have to visit a great number of online shopping stores regardless of the quality measures guaranteed and in the end when you have simultaneously browsed through so many tabs to reach your desired product after successfully wasting time on finding the right website, it turns out that the website displays expensive products or issues such that the particular website does not ship their products within Pakistan or that the product is out of stock.

Shoppingum at very first glance:

This is one of the biggest and most reliable online shopping store and search engine. It is the best and 24/7th available shopping store available in Pakistan. This is a site where people can look ad search for both first and second-hand products that are new and used ones. There are numerous products available on Shoppingum. It is told that on this site 1 million products are available and they are from 100 online stores in Pakistan. It is still on the national level. Customers and sellers both are Pakistani.

Customers can not only shop but compare the prices, specs, features, charges of delivery and time of delivery by the same product which is available on the other online stores such as OLX or Daraz.

Wondering how does the site work?

The first thing you get to see on the site is Homepage Interface

The Internet is now available in many ways. Wi-Fi, 3g, 4g, etc. has made it convenient for people to excess the internet. Once you reach on the site, Shoppingum shows the products they sell. Nit just that, they also give revived prices over all the famous and major online stores in Pakistan. Shoppingum has hit the pinpoint focus under 2 months only. The site has one million items on its database and has set a benchmark. This site also provides a new feature through which you can find the price of any product in Pakistan. You can do it by hitting the hunt button on the home screen.

Now coming to the next thing which is the Users Interface of Shoppingum

The UI is astoundingly essential for non-tech people, kept interface amazingly basic, justifiable for everybody, Shoppingum intends to target likewise the crowd who are not recognizable to web and web-based shopping. Any individual who isn’t happy with the web they can glance through the things easily. This is a site for everyone. Everyone should be able to have excess to it and use it

Smart Shopping Search Engine:

Now here comes the role of Shoppingum to bring innovation in web shopping. When you search for a particular product on Shoppingum, unlike other search engines, it does not redirect your search request to the most frequently used site rather it takes into account the other essential parameters of the respective product as well.

Their intelligent search system gets the fine results on a user query and machine learning algorithms rank the best product at the top. Not only this, but the user can also filter brands, stores, and categories. So, ultimately, it’s a one-stop-shop for online shopping.  The Core Objective of Shoppingum is to search and recommend the best products to build a bridge between the customer and online stores and a relationship of trust between them.

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Smart Search:

Apart from this, Shoppingum also takes into account the minor errors in spellings, which until now will lead to display no or random products. But what Shoppingum does is that It incorporates these errors in spellings and provides its users with the best web-search assistance bringing the e-shopping to yet other levels of innovations and user-friendly layouts.

Compare Button:

Once you search for a product on Shoppingum, it will bring you the various categories of the available products and as you see the button “compare” placed right below the product, it will bring you the same product available on various shopping websites like,, and many other active websites and this classification adds the details of the products the most important one being the price ranges available on various websites.

The Magical Filters:

Just the way you know and compare the products which are available on other sites, you can also know about the brand, category, price and store of the product. This removes ambiguity from the user’s mind and makes it easy for him to decide. You have to use filters to know the following information.

On the off chance that the client needs his longing item just from a particular brand with explicit value goes yet might be from all stores, he is in the opportune spot, Shoppingum makes the client came to his craving item inside seconds by applying channels.

The Bottom Line:

Conclusively, Shoppingum brings to its users the list of desired products available on the internet over the range of prices under one website thereby reducing the online journey of the users contributing to the efficient use of web shopping while taking care of essential parameters of the web shopping as well.

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