Shoop Noodles Have Now Become The Voice Of The Youth!

The world has come a long way over the last few decades. In fact, the whole outlook of this world has changed drastically. However, technological advancements are not the only thing “new” about this world. If we think about it, human life itself and the way we think has evolved exponentially.

However, we are far from being perfect. There are still some elements of the conventional school of thought present in our society. Even in these modern times, there are places where people are confined to societal barriers. Especially in a country like Pakistan where stereotypes reign supreme. Ideologies such as a young individual is incapable of making an important decision, or a woman cannot do a man’s job are only the tip of the iceberg. It is about time that we address these stereotypes.

To our relief:

Recently, we came across an advertisement that has raised this all-important issue. The campaign of Shoop noodles and its Motto “Trust tou must hai” urges all the doubters to have a little faith in the ability of our youth.  As the advertisement shows a woman attempting to change a flat tyre and actually doing it. It is meant to show that it is about time we put an end to our stereotypical mindsets. The youth needs our back. They need to break free of the barriers that for ages the society is trying to put on them. We all know how impactful a nation’s youth is towards its future and how restrictions have only caused nothing but regression.

The advertisement carries a very important message:

We all know, there is this glimmer of hope that lies with the youth of any nation. We have to accept this as a fact that indeed it is the youth who can actually inspire a change. The “Trust Tou Must Hai” tagline urges everyone to have some faith in the abilities of an individual. Regardless of age or gender, we are indeed capable of pulling off miracles, the only thing we need is a little support.

Have a look at the advertisement first:

Conventionally instant noodles advertisements are targeted towards kids and they have generally a fun vibe to them. That’s really all the message that these advertisements carry. Apart from the noodles being instantly available of course.

However, it is very wrong to think that noodles are only for kids or only kids eat them. In these modern times and a fast-paced world, noodles have become more like the perfect snack for the youth as well. Especially for the office going who need to manage their time. Not only are they instantly available and ready to eat in 2 minutes, but they are also made incredibly delicious as well.

The need of the time:

Similar to the world, a major chunk of Pakistan’s population is made up of the youth. It is like we have a golden generation on our hands that needs to be moulded and supported and their potential can be limitless.

However, there is an evident gap in the way the young generation thinks and our elders think. Especially if we try to go against a certain stereotype. Like, a girl can’t change a tyre or a guy cannot go into fashion. This difference in thinking has led our elders to show a lack of trust in our abilities. We don’t want to go against our parents but we do want them to listen to our ideas and trust us for being capable of pulling them off.

Shoops efforts to inspire a change:

Just imagine how many ideas and visionary thoughts might have been pushed back only because of these wrong beliefs. The campaign will look to empower the teenage population and become the voice of those confined who want to have fun and break free of this conventional life. Shoop as a brand recognizes the talent and the potential of our youth. It trusts them in their capabilities to carve their own future.

The campaign encourages those who want to try new things in their lives. Who want to learn and don’t like to be told. Isn’t it better to have a life where you get to choose your own adventures, have your own experiences rather than whats is chosen for you?


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