Shocking Things Pakistanis Are Selling Through Facebook

Wah, Pakistanio, wah! Kia baat hai ap logon ki. What good are Pakistanis if they don’t go off their ways in amusing us all to the core by doing their things?

Facebook is a tried and tested platform for advertising. You can find your favorite brands selling their products and services in an effective manner. Throughout this time, Facebook has emerged as a crucial platform if you want to sell anything.

From small businesses to mammoth companies, everyone seems to be leveraging the social network in order to market or sell their services and products. Many of them have been reaping success and you must not forget our Pakistanis who have incorporated well in the method.

The fact that the platform is open for all, it allows anyone to sell just about everything and anything. Seriously, anything.

You can easily expect our Pakistani people to indulge in ridiculous things. They are found to be doing some of the most out of place, incongruous things that you will not believe.

We don’t mind at all. We are amused and cannot do more than laughing it out.

So, what I am about to show would crumble your senses, it’ll drive you super curious as to how on earth they seem to be doing this!

We managed to collect some shocking items Pakistanis are selling through Facebook. Enjoy!


Alright. Let that sink in. Seriously, what man, what is this? Be serious, look at its boastful condition and date of expiry. You just wanna find this person and call them up for the medicine.

Whether you like it to be delivered to your address or you just wanna sit around and have coffee with them in your exchange meeting. Just get going because your Panadol is waiting!


Education is important but big biceps are even “importanter” (we know, we know! is deliberate!) – this guy took it very seriously!

Just when you thought you could not find anything on Black Friday or your favorite brand ran out of stock, you still have something.

Forget about working out in the gym. Forget about a healthy diet. Forget about protein. You just wanna log in to Facebook, find this dude and buy his muscles.

But a disclaimer, you are responsible for the consequences and there aren’t many details as to how you would fit the flesh in your body. But then there’s lifetime guarantee!


Breaking stereotypes of human trafficking! Forget about crossing borders or loading up in a lorry, advertise and sell through Facebook if you want to traffic a human.

Seriously, a Chinese-pukhtoon for a handful of Naswaar.


Talking about Naswaar, you have now a whole bunch! Calling out all Naswaar addicts, here’s your beloved. It’s your victory because, in this modern world, your beloved has not become obsolete, rather it’s being sold electronically now.


Bet you won’t find cows in cattle farms which produce 14 liters of milk. Not every day you come across to such a supreme entity, so guys, pick up your phone and start buying already.


Guys! You are confusing this one with the cow that’s being sold for real on Facebook. This one does not produce 14 liters of milk, neither is it for sale. So Pakistanis, please, stop bothering the owner already.


Okay, this one is an alpha bakri. It gives you so much milk. You will never find one such like this one in a farm. You have to head out to Facebook in order to buy one of these.


Half of your life is spent scrolling down your Newsfeed and this guy understands it well.

This is amusing as well as a genius idea. How many people check their Facebook on average? What are the chances of finding convenience as such? This guy’s plans are the pinnacle of social media marketing.

That’s all guys. If you wanted to buy some services or products from these people and are mad why have the details been erased then please note that we do not mean to advertise them in any way at all!

What ridiculous things have you come across to being sold on Facebook by Pakistanis? Hit in the comments!

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