This Person Asking Shoaib Malik A Question About His Future Will Leave You In Splits!

Married for 6 years now, Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza often make a buzz in the world of entertainment as a couple and in the world of sports through their powerful performances. The couple is now often seen in local TVCs and also keep their fans updated through their social media posts.

When the couple tied the knot years ago, there were major speculations that raised a lot of fingers on this union, given how the two athletes belong to rival soils. However, Sania and Shoaib sure know how to shut the haters through their recent pictures.

Slayin’ The Wedding Season

Cuties Boomerang-ing Their Way To Our Hearts

Traditional And Beautiful

Oh This Is My Favorite Blast-From-The-Past-Picture Of The Couple

With bae ????

A photo posted by Shoaib Malik (@realshoaibmalik) on

These Two Look Gorgeous in Black!!

Instagram: Shoaib Malik

Instagram: Shoaib Malik

In The Recent Local TVC

Goals. <3

And How Can We Forget The Famous Dubsmash They Made

Malik, who has been selected for the upcoming Pakistan tour to Australia recently uploaded his selfie on his social pages.

Facebook: Shoaib Malik

Facebook: Shoaib Malik

One fan however, couldn’t contain his excitement and asked Malik a rather very private question openly on his selfie:

Facebook: Shoaib Malik

Facebook: Shoaib Malik


Before this comment, someone also showed similar interest in Malik and Mirza’s life:

Instagram: Shoaib Malik

Instagram: Shoaib Malik

It seems as if everyone in our society has the right of commenting on the personal lives of someone, regardless of who they are, what they are. Just because a couple shares their images on social media doesn’t give people the authority to comment on their lives.

We really need to stop asking these absurd questions. Bhabi ko ghussa nahi karna.


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