‘I Will Sue PSL For Making An Awful Song’ – Shoaib Akhtar Gets Extra Critical Of New PSL Anthem

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While we impatiently wait for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) madness to take over, the much-awaited PSL anthem has taken over social media. The PSL anthem received a lot of criticism but the Pakistani former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar just went overboard with the awful backlash!

Those who were not impressed were quick to dish out criticism on Twitter. While some wished they had not heard the track, to begin with, others simply could not decipher the words and many questioned the lyrics.

shoaib akhtar psl anthem
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Meanwhile, the former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar lashed out at the PCB. Shoaib Akhtar expressed his distaste for the new PSL anthem in his latest YouTube video and called it awful, blaming the PCB officials for lacking the skills to do anything properly. 

“If the 10 worst songs of the PSL are compiled, this song will be number one,” said the former pacer and asked, “Do you have any shame?”

He went on to mock the artists in the song and commented, “The woman who is singing won’t even know what groove means. Our music industry is so rich. I have never heard a song that was worst composed than this. No disrespect to the singers, they were asked to sing a song like this. If you can’t find any other singer, I will sing it for you.”

Moreover, the pacer mocked the new song by joking that ever since he played it for his children, they have stopped talking to him. Akhtar jokingly added that he would “file a serious case against the PCB through his YouTube videos” for making such an awful song.

The cricketer, however, said the singers were not to blame for the song since they were told to do their jobs a certain way.

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Meanwhile, Naseebo Lal in awe of the PSL anthem’s success

Witnessing the mixed responses the sixth PSL anthem received, singer Naseebo Lal has said she never thought Groove Mera would become such a hit.

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The veteran singer asserted she became a part of the track for Pakistan. “I never thought it would become so popular and all this success is because of Allah. When the PCB called me, I couldn’t believe it. Because I have never been offered an anthem before,” she confessed.

Lal also expressed how she was afraid the song would fail. “I was so afraid people wouldn’t like it but they loved it and I am so grateful.” Almost teary-eyed, the singer relayed how she was approached because of her vocal range.

Following the release of Groove Mera last week, many criticized the makers and Lal on social media. More so, as per the modern custom, memes were hurled at the singers while several mocked Lal’s style of singing. Meanwhile, celebs like Asim Azhar and many others came to its rescue.

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