Shoaib Akhtar Schools Indian Journalist For Ridiculing Pakistan Cricket Team And Damn, We LOVE him!

Last weekend was the longest weekend Pakistan witnessed in a long while, while Ashura was being observed on Thursday and Friday and then came the weekend. So, after which people got free from the Moharam rituals and now they were all ready to watch the expected heated match on Sunday. The match was for Asia Cup and the teams were India and Pakistan; this is that one kind of match that the one who has no idea about cricket would still watch it, just for the sake of hype! Well, so a whole lot of Pakistanis and a whole lot of Indians sat patiently and enthusiastically for the match to start. Within one to two hours of starting the match, Pakistan miserably failed to get into phase. And we all saw it coming; we lost hope that Pakistani team would make it up today!

After the match somehow Indian media channel got Shoaib Akhtar on board and interviewed him! During the interview something happened that did please many people; that includes Indians and Pakistans as well!

Have a look!

The lady journalist seemed quite enthusiastic about the victory of Indian team but the mocking Pakistani team in front of Shoaib Akhtar was not a very good idea for her! Shoaib gave her some “lessons’ verbally and told her to ask her questions that are of his profession. Also, he said that he’s not just any “Haryana cricketer” who she is interviewing. Well well well!

Here some need professional lessons over journalism

Indeed! Not everyone behaves this way, but disrespecting and mocking is never appropriate

Oh, indeed! we have such people on either side

Ooops! really?

The answer only lies in the interview! Shoaib’s part was much professional and sane

She seemed to be super hyped about the victory! But what about when you are talking to a senior cricketer about it? Maybe leave personal biases home?

It’s good to see Indian and Pakistani journalists to be on the same grounds as to how interview some professional, regarding his work or his country’s team. The interview was meant to ask Shoaib about the future predictions and strategy which Pakistani cricket team would go by in next match; which Shoaib would answer using his experience. But seems to have taken some other turn!

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