We Finally Found Out What Shoaib Akhtar Was Talking About And OMG, This Seems Exciting!

Most of you might know what has been going on on Twitter, but just in case you don’t, well, let me tell you that just a few days ago, our very famous cricketer, Shoaib Akhtar tweeted about announcing something very important and Pakistanis were super intrigued and curious to find out what is it that he has to announce!

Although Shoaib Akhtar was talking about PSL what he was actually talking about was Pakistan Stains League! This brilliant campaign was started by Pakistan’s leading detergent brand Surf Excel. Yes! Surf Excel is collaborating up with Shoaib Akhter to launch Pakistan Stain League (PSL), a campaign focused around different stains and how Shoaib is going to bowl them out!

We see what you did there, Shoaib! Interesting!

Check out his recent announcement and the BIG reveal!

We love how the brand has smartly used the name ‘PSL’ and this is exactly what had caught everyone’s attention! Not just this but the fact that it will run parallel to Pakistan Super League! Well played, Surf Excel!

Also, did you notice the names of the 4 teams – Ketchup King, Keechar United, Grease Gladiators and Salan Sultan? Utterly cute!!

Here’s ‘the’ tweet that ad triggered everyone’s curiosity!

To which, the Pakistanis reacted in the following way!

We like the way he thinks!

Remember the video where he challenged all the ‘bachay’ out there?!


We love how Shoaib Akhtar, after all these years, has his fans hooked and curious to actually know what he’s up to. And the way it spread like a wildfire was absolutely unbelievable!

How many of you thought he was taking a dig at the young cricketers? Haha!

However, we’re still waiting to find out more details about this campaign because it sure sounds freaking exciting! *screams internally*

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below!

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