Meet SHO Malik Jabbar — A Policeman Who Took Care Of Two Orphans After Their Mother Was Killed!

The disease of honor killing in Pakistan is spreading like a wildfire. There have been many cases reported in the past, many cases have gone unnoticed. The concept of honor killing is indeed appalling and why should it not be? Is a girl’s life of no worth? Just because you think she’s brought ‘shame’ to the family, doesn’t mean you can take her life.

Recently, another news surfaced the internet where a mother was killed by her husband in the name of honor, in Usmanwala, Kasur, leaving behind two little kids aged 4 and 6. It’s indeed heartbreaking and infuriating to see how easy it has become for humans to take the lives of others…

But, if we look on the bright side, here’s what touched our hearts during this incident! The ill-minded father has been arrested and SHO Malik Jabbar, in Kasur, has won everyone’s heart by taking care of the helpless children.

DIG Police Sheikhupura Tajik Sohail Habib shared heartwarming pictures of the children and the SHO on his Twitter account and we couldn’t be happier!

The tweet further mentioned that the local SHO took the innocent children to his house, fed them with his own hands and showed utmost love. Once their grandfather came to pick the children up, the children refused to go with him, hugged him and cried just because they wanted to stay with the SHO. Hence, proved – not all heroes wear capes!

It’s about time the government needs to step in and look into these killings so the next time an ‘honorable’ family member tries to lay his hands on his wife, sister or mother – his soul trembles from within.

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