These 10 Struggles Desi Girls With Short Hair Face Are Extremely Relatable!

Short hair, long hair. Short hair, long hair. Short hair, long hair. Girls have the perfect choice of keeping the desired length of hair they want. While short of girls look extremely classy, they have their cons as well. And let me state it here, various amount of cons…

Whether it is a pixie or a short’do, the struggles these short hair women face get extremely real.

1. Hair Buns Look Like A Walking Joke On Your Head

Unless you are a pro at hair-dos or are a frequent visitor of a parlor, getting a nice bun out of short hair is pretty difficult.

2. Your Hair Are The Perfect Explanation Of Mess When Not Taken Care Of

Because they cannot be tied or handled instantly, they take their time to settle.

3. Bobby Pins Are Your Best Friend

Unless your hair are straight in texture, bobby pins are largely used when you are trying to tie them. Otherwise, the loose ends come out and they look horrible.


4. Limited Hairstyles Can Be A HUGE Problem

Because there is less hair, obviously. You really can’t play around and try something new.

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5. Even If You Do Get A New Hairstyle, Weather May Not Be Your Best Friend

Screw you, wind.

6. Hair Treatments Are Still Pretty Expensive

If you thought having short hair will save you from all the costs of hair dye and haircuts, you were wrong. They cost exactly the same, if not more or less.

7. You Look Younger Than Your Age


Sweet kid

8. People Think Short Haired Girls Would Look Strange As Desi Brides

And frankly, we haven’t seen many short hair brides…

9. Frizzy + Short Hair = Recipe For Disaster

Unless you master the art of handling them correctly, you are doomed.

10. Once You Get Your Hair Short, There Is No Going Back

Short hair girls look extremely pretty and everything but man, these struggles are real.

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