Shireen Mazari Scolds Her Daughter On Twitter & People Suggest They Talk At Home Instead

shireen mazari scolds daughter twitter

The Federal Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari’s daughter Imaan Zainab Mazari often faces a lot of criticism over her tweets. This time, it is mother versus daughter and Shireen Mazari scolds her on Twitter, while netizens would prefer if they just resolved it in person.

Taking to Twitter recently, Shireen Mazari scolds her daughter, lawyer Imaan, for insulting the federal cabinet, and people are wondering why the two did not simply talk it out in person since they are you know related.

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“If the country was going to be run on sorcery then why is the nation’s money being wasted on such a large cabinet? The country is being ridiculed over sorcery and you want people who practice this not to be discussed. That will never happen,” wrote Imaan on Twitter.

In case you can’t tell what she is referring to, it is the claims made by opposition leaders that the prime minister is employing magic and sorcery [jadoo toona] to run the country.

Using the same platform, her mother — the federal minister — strikes back at her, saying she was ashamed of her words. Well, of course. As a federal minister, she is part of the cabinet that her daughter was taking a dig at.

“As a lawyer, you should know without any proof hurling such accusations is defamation,” counterblasts Shireen Mazari. “When all substantive issue-based criticism fails this level of a base personal attack is plain shameful.”

The heated exchange between mother and daughter left the Twittersphere shaking their heads and wondering why this was happening on a social platform in the first place.

Sort this matter in peron, many chimed in.

Some suggested them to switch to WhatsApp instead.

A lot of them knew their parents would not handle such a situation with a strongly worded tweet.


As entertaining as it may be to see the mother and daughter interact on Twitter, we have to side with netizens on this one and ask whether this conversation could have been had at the dinner table instead.

Imaan previously landed in hot water for supporting India when she claimed that Pakistan lost the 1965 war. The daughter of the human rights minister took to Twitter and maligned the Pakistan army and Pakistan by simply quoting an ‘Indian’ source. Pakistanis could not be more upset to come across such baseless facts.

Hundreds and thousands of lives were lost for the sake of Pakistan, and in one baseless tweet, Imaan eradicated all the sacrifices made by all those people. Later, even in her apology, she remained adamant on her stance.

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