Shireen Mazari Was Caught Sleeping At Work And People Are Being Absurdly Rude

Shireen Mazari Was Caught Sleeping At Work And People Are Being Absurdly Rude

After our new government people are being super hard on the new government since it’s their first time and they promised a “Naya Pakistan”. Once a Philippine PM said that people of third world country are very easily driven by the catchy slogans. So it happened till now in Pakistan; “Roti, Kapra, Makaan” from PPP and now “Naya Pakistan” from PTI. But have these slogans ever got fulfilled by the ones who claimed it?

Well, can’t say much about that but PTI is now having a hard time, people are expecting from them to have some magical powers to correct everything. But this doesn’t seem the case now.

Shireen Mazari from PTI was appointed as the Human Rights Minister. Recently, her photo from her office started circulating over the internet where she’s asleep. Or maybe, she’s just relaxing for a second, but oh well, you never know.

People didn’t leave a stone turned to troll the hell out of PTI

Umm… yeah right

Ary haan!


Ary bhai bhai! Ap bhi?

Amazing it is. no?

Buri bat! Esy nae bolty

We have often seen the severe trolling of politicians over the TV and the internet. Asking them for the credibility of their work is something else but trolling them for their attire and how they look or talk is pathetically absurd. How is the nation going to grow with this mindset?

What do you guys think?

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