Sheikh Rashid Taking Digs at the Sharif Family Keeps Getting Better and Better!

The ongoing JIT investigation on the Sharif’s has taken the entire country by storm. The political malfunction of the PMLN has led to series of investigation in terms of the Panama Case, keeping the entire country on toes. It started with simpler accusations, such as dhandli, which led to corruption, Qatari letters, and Panama leaks. Little did anyone know that PTI’s cry for corruption can bring the leading family of this country to the courts.

Today marks the date the Supreme Court and the JIT announce if Nawaz and Co. are guilty of taking the country’s money for their personal benefits or not. Speculations state that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is said to be free of any guilt, whereas his sons, Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz are guilty of laundering money and conducting other corrupt activities.

While there is still some time in the results to come out, Sheikh Rashid, an active politician of Pakistan and a member of PTI is anxiously waiting while taking jabs on PMLN on his social media.

Insinuating how the Results will Hold Nawaz and Co. Accountable!

The Slogan, which was Formed by PTI Followers and Members!

Go Nawaz Go is a slogan which every opposition eventually started using to throw away the opposition.

In Every News Conference, Sheikh Sahab has been Clear to Put the PMLN Workers Down!

And Here’s how He Quoted the Daughter of PM and Told her the Clear-cut Answer!

Here’s What Maryam Nawaz initially Tweeted

Because of how Awfully they have Tampered the Image of Pakistan

Sheikh Rashid is obviously not the only one who has the courage to attack the opposition in the public – PTI chairman Imran Khan has always been firm on his actions and shows fear to no one.

Whatever the results turn out to be, one thing is for sure; this entire Panama fiasco will be remembered in the history of Pakistan. If proven guilty, it will be a lesson for not only the current party in charge, but also the future ones. Such actions need to be taken to safeguard the interest of the country.

May Allah bless Pakistan!



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