“Pre-Planned Cancellation” Sheikh Rasheed Remarks On New Zealand Tour

Pakistan Cricket is facing a hard time and it’s a big disappointment in every way. Yesterday, the way the New Zealand government and cricket board abandoned the series just before hours to play shocked the entire world.

It created a huge negative impact on Pakistan Cricket for the future because many of the other teams will now give it a deep thought whether to tour Pakistan or not.

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There are many angles of this incident, but the way it happened looks like pre-planned propaganda against Pakistan Cricket.

Because in the previous home series international teams participated and toured Pakistan with great pride and didn’t face any security threats at all. Soon after the cancellation news went viral, from politicians to foreign crickets took the stand with Pakistan.

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Pakistani players showed anger and even the newly appointed chairperson Ramiz Raja also became an angry man and stated “which world is NZ living in?? NZ will hear us at ICC.”

But the shocking revelation came from the Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed right after few hours when the incident took place.

Conspiracy Behind Cancellation Sheikh Rasheed-Who’s Behind This?

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The way New Zealand acted, it looked like there’s someone who doesn’t want cricket to rise again in Pakistan. The interior minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed who has never back down from anything and always said the truth.

When the cancellation took place, he called out the press and stated some remarks on it which stunned the fans.

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While talking to the press in Islamabad Sheikh Rasheed said, the New Zealand team’s security in charge spoke to government officials in the morning and informed them of a threat. When the officials asked for further details, the NZ security in charge “did not have any”

He added, “Pakistan had deployed commandos from Pakistan Army’s Special Services Group (SSG), soldiers, and 4,000 policemen for the matches in Rawalpindi.”

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He even disclosed, that “We also tried to convince them to play the match without spectators. But they did not agree to it.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan also communicated with the New Zealand Prime Minister, “He called New Zealand’s Prime Minister [Jacinda Ardern] and assured [her] of [providing] complete security to the Kiwis. The New Zealand prime minister said there was no issue of a threat.”

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“It is their decision. We had deployed heavy security for the team. Pakistan is a peace promoter in the world. And this tour was canceled through a conspiracy. It is their (NZ’s) problem and what they decide.”

“The National Crisis Management Cell had also tried to convince the Black Caps not to call off their tour but they did not agree,” he added.

India Taking Leverage Of The Event

Meanwhile, other media channels somehow showing courtesy to Pakistan Cricket, but at the same time, Indian media took advantage of the opportunity to defame Pakistan.

India Media
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As everyone knows, the NZ security team was inspecting Pakistan for the past four months before scheduling the series.

Sheikh Rasheed said, “None of our intelligence agencies, which are among the best in the world, have any information about a threat. Pakistan is playing a major role in the region and they do not want us to prosper.”

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India media already started defaming before the tour begun and there’s a strong chance of them behind. As Indian cricket board has high stakes in ICC, which showcases their strong position too.

On the other hand, soon it happened England Cricket board also shared their feedback, ECB spokesperson said, “we are aware of New Zealand’s decision to pull out of the Pakistan tour due to a security alert.

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We are liaising with our security team who are on the ground in Pakistan to fully understand the situation.

The ECB board will then decide in the next 24-48 hours whether our planned tour should proceed. “

Sheikh Rasheed also cleared the air on the next series in which England will be visiting Pakistan, “My ministry has all [done] all arrangements,” “In our country, there is no security issue for cricket,” concluded the conference.

Now Pakistan Cricket fans and the team have to wait for England’s decision. Will, they back off like New Zealand did or they will visit and prove everyone wrong about the security threats in Pakistan?

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