Sheikh Rasheed Is Giving Pakistani Politicians Life Goals With His Latest Stunt

If people think that the American politics is the most entertaining piece on television right now, they are mistaken. From the past 24 hours, Pakistani politics has taken a weirdly interesting turn and we just cannot get enough of it. The cat and mouse chase between PMLN and PTI continues, with Rawalpindi witnessing another action-pack event today.

Here is what happened:

Following the announcement of Sheikh Rasheed’s jalsa that was to begin from his residence “Laal Haveli”, the government started feeling some major insecurities.

They released orders to prevent jalsa and the march and added barricades around Sheikh Sahaab’s residence. Conclusively, the order was to keep him under a house arrest. Sheikh sahab, the king of swag couldn’t be stopped from the so-called house arrest.  He somehow managed to escape the police surrounding his house and not get arrested for a long time.


To ensure that nothing works out, the government also released orders for his arrest. This led to a pretty interesting goose-chase with Sheikh sahaab on a trolling spree.

Checking in From Different Places on his Facebook

When you tell your friends you’re busy but your Facebook check-ins tell a different story.

Basically, Sheikh Sahab Just Proved:

“If you arrest me, I will arrest your life!”

We Are Witnessing Narcos Pindi LIVE

Li’l Rasheed

Can’t wait for more dissing sessions today

Every PTI Supporter Right Now:


Special GTA Cheat Codes For Sheikh Rashid

GTA players assemble

Hello Dear

“Nice try, dear”

And To Make A Grand Entrance


And He Might Have Just Broke Some Records Today!


When daddy says “Ja Simran Ja”

Sheikh Sahab Driving Through The Streets, With No Fear Whatsoever






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