Sheikh Rasheed’s Bogie Egged By A Protester In Sarghodha!

Shiekh Rasheed Sargodha

Sheikh Rasheed who is the Federal Minister for Railways has been in the hot seat several times pertaining to numerous fatal accidents Pakistani trains encountered. Safe to say, 2019 wasn’t the best year for the Minister in terms of accountability for the poor performance and maintenance of several trains and services.

However, the leader of the Awami Muslim League was in Sargodha recently to make necessary improvements to the Sargodha Railway Station, when a politically motivated individual attacked him – with eggs.

The eggs were thrown at the bogie carrying Rasheed.

Pakistan’s political reel can be quite comical starring a flying shoe attack on the leaders. But, Rasheed was lucky to miss those flying eggs. In addition, the man who tried to humiliate Raseed has been reported to be a worker of the PPP – as “Jiye Bhutto” was heard chanted by the protestors. Moreover, anti-Rasheed slogans were also shouted; that included  “Sheikh Rashid Murdabad” and “Sheikh Rashid Haye Haye”.

Video of Rasheed’s bogie being egged circulated online, showcasing an angry mob that surrounded the bogie.

This isn’t the first time Rasheed was visited by the staunch PPP supporters. Apparently, sources suggest that Shiekh Rasheed has been aggressively approached by Pakistan People Party’s workers, sometime back as well.

Shiekh Rasheed Sargodha

Via 24 News

In August, a similar situation arose when Sheikh Rasheed was in London. He came out of his hotel to smoke a cigar when two PPP workers pelted him with eggs and even punched. Sources say they fled from the ‘crime scene’. However, the Awami League leader is immune to such hatred from the opposition parties; so much so, that he has often informed about the death threats that he receives.

The man from the Sargodha incident has been identified to be Kamran Warraich. He was detained by the police but later released on Federal Minister’s orders. Still, this doesn’t overshadow the inconsistency Pakistan’s Railway has shown that involved incidents taking several precious lives. Tezgam accident to be the worst, so far. Whether it was a faulty fan or a passenger’s gas cylinder; the blame still is for the management to shoulder. It was a dark day for Pakistan, as some bodies were burnt beyond recognition.

Tezgam Eyewitness

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Unfortunately, Pakistan is infested with incompetent people running major operations. It is because of their lack of experience and disloyalty to Pakistan that it has been creating problems for the nation. Hopefully, PM Imran Khan will maintain a system of merit in all departments serving the citizens of this country.

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