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Introduction – Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed is a Pakistani open figure, a veteran government official, TV character and an author of Mirpuri/Pothwari starting point. He was born on 6th November, 1950 in the city of Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. Beginning governmental issues in the 1970’s it wasn’t until 1985 that he turned into a national legislator, from that point forward he has been chosen to the national gathering 7 times (1985, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1997, 2002, 2013). Amid his political profession traversing more than 2 decades, He has served as government pastor for work and labor, elected clergyman for data and broadcasting; elected priest for enterprises, elected priest for games and culture; elected priest for leisure industry and elected priest for railroads.

Politician Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed - Parhlo CelebritiesAt first a reliable and trusted man of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Sheikh Rasheed later aiding two times as government pastor in Sharif bureau surrendered from the Nawaz Sharif’s party, Pakistan Muslim League and linked with the recently framed military sponsored Pakistan Muslim League (Q) after the 2002 decisions and oversaw two ecclesiastical portfolios during its 5 year run from 2002 till 2007. He lost his primarily balloting in 2008 to Javed Hashmi and later to Malik Shakeel Awan. He discovered his own particular gathering titled as Awami Muslim League Pakistan, after the 2008 race thrashing, and figured out how to conquest his conventional seat from Rawalpindi in 2013 however aligned with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Sheikh Rasheed came out in the openly noticeable quality because of his “limit” style of governmental issues which made him a mainstream visitor in the nearby current issues shows. He remains a well-known government official in the place where he grew up of Rawalpindi from where he has acquired every one of his votes.



All through his training, Sheikh Rasheed was exceptionally dynamic in understudy governmental issues. On November 7, 1968 he sorted out development against Ayub administration in which one understudy Hameed Shaheed relinquished his life. Sheikh Rasheed was among three understudy who were banned from getting confirmation in any instructive establishment.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed achieved his primary education in his home ground in Rawalpindi. He then went to Christian High School and after graduating from there, he studied at the Government Polytechnic Institute and took a school exchange to Gordon College to study law. Subsequent to spending a semester there, he went to go to the Punjab University where he finished his LLB degree in the year 1973. He functioned on a business product schemes after completing his graduation during the 1970s, and was vigorous in legislative issues from a PML-N stand which was going up against PPP around then. Preceding that, he got to be overseeing executive of Gulmerg Mills, which managed in silk and silk yarn. He connected at the post-graduate school of the Punjab University to examine Political science in the year 1979. He later attained his Master of Arts degree in Political Science in 1982, after submitting his thesis on political science to Punjab University.


Governmental Involvement

Politician Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed - Parhlo CelebritiesHis political engagement started in the 1980s subsequent to turning into a contradicting pioneer in the Municipal Corporation Rawalpindi. On a Pakistan Muslim League platform, he effectively challenged in general polls apprehended in 1985,getting to be an individual from the National Assembly.He stayed near a traditionalist entryway, first getting to be an individual from IDA drove by different moderate scholars in the nation. He participated in 1988 general elections and 1990 general elections on IDA platform; he fortified two continuous triumphs on both general races. He again shielded his seat in Rawalpindi on a PLM (N) platform in general elections in 1993.

In spite of the fact that he was nearer to PML(N) yet floated away from the gathering with respect to the matter of Kashmir. In spite of the fact that he was nearer to PML(N) yet floated away from the gathering with respect to the issue of Kashmir. He fell with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in 1999, and later associated with splinter crowd in the PLM (N).

He effectively kept running from Rawalpindi community in general elections as an autonomous applicant however linked with the splinter group restricting the PML (N) in 2002. He joined the bureau of Prime Minister Zafarullah Jamali on 24 November 2002.


Railway Departments

Politician Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed - Parhlo Celebrities


Ever since 2001, he had been unmistakable in the martial science hover over numerous military strategy concerns. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed was amongst Musharraf’s limited close consultants who remained by the previous head of state amid his battle of armed actions in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan. Subsequent to taking the pledge in 2002, he was entitled as minister of Ministry of Information and Mass-media Broadcasting (MoIB). In a consultation with President Pervez Musharraf, he conversed with the lines on the media strategy of the new government and took certain commands. President Musharraf in his consultation with the new Minster of Information had approached him to make strong strides in ensuring that the national press began devoting the new vote based set-up. In the end, President Musharraf additionally guided him to continue safeguarding the strategies that the martial government had attempted in its three-year governance. On open spots, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed had accepted the part of the military president’s representative and in addition a backer of the government. On an individual demand of Musharraf, Ahmed was made pastor of Ministry of Railways in the year 2006.

On 2 October 2007, General Pervez Musharraf titled lieutenant General Ashfaq Kayani, as vice chief of the armed force. On condition that Musharraf successes the administration and leaves his armed post, Kayani will be Chief of Army Staff. In the meantime, Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed expressed that authorities consented to give Benazir Bhutto absolution as opposed to unresolved defilement allegations.


Political Career

In February 2008, Sheikh Rasheed failed both of his Rawalpindi electorates, NA-55 and NA-56 in the general elections. After his downfall, there were bits of gossip that Sheikh Rasheed had escaped to Spain, on the other hand, these accusations were later exposed to be untrue. He declared arrangement of new political gathering, Awami Muslim League in June 2008.

On 8 February 2010, when guns lingers released fire at his car outside his party’s voting workplace in Rawalpindi, Sheikh Rasheed was wounded, and three of his guards were murdered.

Politician Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed - Parhlo CelebritiesOn 14 August 2012 Sheikh Rasheed and Imran Khan chose to participate in races via seat alteration with each other. Taking after a seat alteration with Imran Khan in Rawalpindi, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed grabbed his customary NA-55 seat from the hands of the PML-N. Therefore, he was chosen to the National Assembly for a record seventh time. It ought to be noticed that Rawalpindi is viewed as the center point of the PML-N party who cleared the 2013 elections in Punjab. Sheikh Rasheed though gathered 90,000 ballots from Rawalpindi while his rival could just secure around 22,000 ballots.

This demonstrated the quality of Sheikh Rasheed in the place where he grew up and the faith of the general population of Rawalpindi on him. Sheikh Rasheed commented that the general population of Rawalpindi had justified him subsequent to neglecting to choose him in the 2008 decisions. Sheikh Rasheed guaranteed to proceed with the improvement works in the territory he had deserted before 2008. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed formed a group of three associates in the NA; appealing it the actual antagonism group in the Pakistan’s house.


Personal Life and Hobbies

Politician Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed - Parhlo Celebrities(Image 5) He lives in Lal Haveli (Red Fortress), a visitor goal because of its wonderful, old design, in the heart of Rawalpindi. Still a single man, he is acclaimed for revealing a quote amid his election discourse at Liaquat Bagh where he said: “If one can buy milk from the market, there is no need to own a cow.”

His side interests comprise physical training and reading, however, parts of his governmental interest are foreign affairs, education and women improvement.

He has been sorting out a major open meeting to praise the Independence Day of Pakistan on the night between August 13 and 14 at Lal Haveli. Tremendous firecrackers organized on the event is to a great degree mainstream among occupants of the city and a huge number of individuals turn to watch out the demonstration every single year where TV and film industry identities are also frequently welcomed to perform.

Continuously the objective of outrages and purposeful publicity from his adversaries who condemn him for assorted issues and illegal associations with acclaimed TV and film on-screen performers, he allegedly once passed some culpable comments in contradiction of Benazir Bhutto and put in seven years in jail in light of the remark.

Since 2001, Sheikh Rasheed appreciates a solid media fame and has been a well-known visitor at different political syndicated programs and amusement shows. Out in the open circles, he is known for his jokes and political guesses. He is a nearby supporter of Imran Khan.

He is gigantically mainstream in Rawalpindi and is known for making an extensive number of schools in that city. He is renowned for his “awami style” (open style) of governmental issues. He is one of couple of government officials who began their political profession at basic level and rose to conspicuousness. He has put in general five years in isolation for the reason of egalitarianism.



He was granted seven years thorough detainment in Kalashnikov case and put in two years in Bahawalpur prison.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has his underlying foundations in Srinagar, the capital of the Indian-controlled Kashmir, through his father and is recognized for his backing to the anti-India rebellion in Jammu and Kashmir. He exploded into eminence when Indian Government denied him consent to visit New Delhi in 2004 fall, and Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee declined to come to Pakistan if Sheikh Rasheed is in the greeting squad. He concedes that he gave asylum to Kashmiri aggressors at his homestead house close to Fateh Jang Street in Rawalpindi. Kashmiri nationalist Yasin Malik additionally affirms this utilization of homestead house by activist associations. He has a fantasy to visit Srinagar to offer petitions at the graves of his progenitors.

On 13 June 2005, the executive of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, Yasin Malik, expressed that Sheikh Rasheed had prepared around 3,500 Kashmiri jihadis counting Yasin Malik himself at Freedom House. Consequently, he was not permitted by Government of India to visit Kashmir.

On 27 June 2012, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed was kept at Houston airplane terminal on the subject of the relationship with Lashkar-e-Taiba and with Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, an assumed organizer of 2008 Mumbai assaults. He was discharged after authority dissent from Pakistani Ambassador in the United States of America.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed was searched at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas, United States while loading up on a plane in 2012. At the Houston air terminal, Sheikh Rasheed was confined for over five hours over his claimed association with Pakistan-based LeT author Hafiz Saeed, who is suspected to have engineered the 2008 assaults in Mumbai. After an extreme involvement of Pakistan Ambassador, Sherry Rehman, Sheikh Rasheed was discharged from the detainment after US powers clearing him to load up on a plane.

Politician Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed - Parhlo CelebritiesPolice formerly stuck down the Lal Haveli, habitation of Sheikh Rasheed, by placing containers in front of its leading entrance ahead of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf community conference which was arranged to be taken place at the similar residence. Police additionally hindered all streets prompting to Lal Haveli by setting holders furthermore captured an extremist of Awami Muslim League (AML) for resistance. Sheikh Rasheed, administrator of AML while reacting to the administration’s turn of fixing his home communicated that people in general assembling would occur as chose. He alluded to the chance of Imran Khan coming to his house through helicopter.


Theoretical Man

Politician Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed - Parhlo CelebritiesSheikh Rasheed Ahmed is a writer of two political books that includes Farzand-e-Pakistan (Son of Pakistan), which was the smash hit and 13 versions have been distributed. Presently he is creating on another political book, Sub Achha Hai (Everything is great) which is in the last phase of its production. His political logic mirrored the musings on libertarianism and has broadly composed on the progressive equability.

The New Era Of Politics

The new career of Sheikh Rasheed in Politics began with his utmost support to Imran Khan. The astute politician staunchly supported the narrative of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Not only this Sheikh Rasheed attended Dharnas (sit-ins) and political meetings of PTI.

Many in Pakistan still think as if  Sheikh Rasheed is a political leader of PTI.

In many circles of Pakistan, Sheikh Rasheed is well known for his comical remarks and political prophecies. He is also popular for changing political loyality from one political leader another.

In the year 2017, Rasheed was selected by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) as a nominee for the postion of Prime Minister of Pakistan, due to the relinqueshment of EX- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after Panama Papers case verdict. Sheikh was unsucceful and got 44 votes out 342 in the national assembly of Pakistan.

However, in heneral elections of 2018, Sheikh Rasheed was elected to the National Assembly from Constituency NA-62 (Rawalpindi-VI) as a nominee of Awami Muslim League (AML).

On August 18 2019, Prime Minister Imran Khan decleared his federal cabinet formation and Sheikh Rasheed was designated with Ministership for Railways. On August 20, 2018, Sheikh Rasheed took the oath and became Federal Minister for Railways.

In his political life, sheikh has been assigned seven ministries which are; (1.)Minister for data and broadcasting,(2.)Minister for work and labour, (3.)Minister for games and culture, (4.)Minister for enterprises (5.)Minister for industry and (6.)Minister for railways. Currently, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed is the head of Pakistan railways and trying to ameliorate it with his past experiences.

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