Shehzad Roy Surprises Pakistanis with yet another Great Initiative and You’re a Part of It

The water contamination in Pakistan has been a matter of concern for a very long time. Taking up numerous, innocent lives, and it seems like no strict action has been taken on such an important issue. Just recently, a report revealed that 90% of Karachi’s water is contaminated due to the presence of bacteria. The water samples after the laboratory analysis from different sources were submitted to the judicial commission headed by Justice Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro.

Since it has been quite a while now and no one has taken the responsibility of resolving the matter, famous Pakistani singer, Shehzad Roy, who is also known for his social work and his nonprofit organization – Zindagi Trust, has. He has been actively participating in the different causes to help people who are deprived of basic necessities. Similarly, after the water contamination issue was raised once again, Shehzad brought this issue to his Twitter account. He asked for everyone’s support so he could take the Government to court due to this issue.

Here’s what he had tweeted:

To his surprise, Shehzad got a really positive response, even from the big names in the industry!

Such support is what he really needs…

The famous model and host, Nadia Hussain was also a part of this

And also, rest of the awaam…

Surely, the power of social media could be seen here!

When the awaam is tired of corruption

The response was legit!

People living in villages have the right to have access to clean water, free from any contamination. No lives should be lost due to the consumption of contaminated water. It’s high time we stand up against this major issue and help him with this cause and bring an end to this. And we just hope the areas in Karachi where the people have access to contaminated water, will not have to deal with this anymore.

We wish you the best for such a great initiative!

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