We Are Proud! 19-Year-Old Shehroze Kashif Becomes Youngest Pakistani To Summit K2

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In another major achievement, Shehroze Kashif, 19, became the youngest Pakistani mountaineer to reach the summit of K2, the world’s second-highest peak.

Tuesday morning, he successfully climbed Pakistan’s 8,611-metre high mountain and raised the country’s flag. The young man started his journey towards K2 two weeks earlier.

“Pakistani team has successfully waved Green Flag on the top of Mighty K2. Multiple teams summit K2 including Kashif. Many Many Congratulations to whole teams”, Alpine Adventure Guides also confirmed the news.

Twittersphere commends the young mountaineer

At an early age, Kashif developed an interest in trekking after accompanying his father on an outdoor trip. His first climb was at the age of 11 when he trekked to the 3,885m Makra Peak, followed by Musa Ka Musalla, a 4,080m peak. 

In a TV interview, the young climber said that long before he reached his first summit, he was fascinated by the idea of what was at the top. “Whatever I had imagined was not there at the top. However, when I reached the top, I felt pride that I have achieved something,” he said.

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In another TV interview held in Feb, he spoke about climbing, fitness, and financial planning needed to achieve big goals. “There is no comparison between the training levels of a cricketer and a mountaineer. Sometimes, we have to climb for 26-hours in one go,” he said. 

“The strongest thing in the world is the human mind, you cannot beat it. If your brain stops working at a higher altitude, that’s a big thing. “You have to train yourself for those conditions,” Kashif shared his fitness routine and its importance in decision-making at heights. “Mountaineering does not ask for compromise, mountaineering asks for sacrifice.” 

Earlier on May 11, Kashif had made history as he became the youngest mountaineer to climb the world’s highest peak — Mount Everest. He was a fifth Pakistani to summit the peak and had also won the title of the world’s youngest climber.

Hailing from Lahore, Kashif is also the youngest Pakistani to have climbed Broad Peak (8,047m) at the age of 17. He used supplemental oxygen on his climbs to Broad Peak and Everest. His expedition to Broad Peak earned him the title “The Broad Boy”.

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