Shehbaz Shareef Puts Every Pakistani To Shame After What He Did At A Press Conference

This year, the hottest topic for Pakistan is the parliament. Oh yes, at first how the throne of Nawaz Sharif has toppled down and yet again, he couldn’t complete his tenure. After this, the supercharged preparation for the elections started all over the country. Well, not to forget the current PM’s third marriage and his ex-wife (Reham Khan) throwing tantrums on Twitter.

Now that much of the business is settled down in the new found government, presidential elections too were done, smoothly. Mr. Arif Alvi is the new President of Pakistan. Wohoooo! Few days before when the candidates of presidential were announced, the list was pretty shocking to many. Maulana Fazlul Rehman was in the list too (un)fortunately. LOL 😀

So, everyone was present in Islamabad day before yesterday for the presidential elections and PTI celebrated to its fullest! Congratulations. Well, some butthurt stuff is just inevitable to happen when Shehbaz Sharif is around; Completely being unbiased to any political party but the trouble is just in the air when he is around. You can’t deny this fact. No?

Watch this video and we’ll talk after this, okay?

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Yes, he recited the complete surah accept the last ayat and ended the surah in haste. But confidence k puray marks hain! He, very confidently, started the surah like he knows it all and finished midway and played it all cool so nobody suspects it!

But we are watching! So we did.

Matlab kuch bhi?? Shehzu bhai, hum sharminda hain. Only if his ammi jan would have beaten him to get the proper sabaq from molvi sahab, toh aj yeh din na dekhna parta. But it’s never too late, bruvvv! We support you and can ask Maulana Fazlul Rehman to give you proper teaching.

Are you people in support? Let us know.

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