Sheer Khurma Is Super Famous, But Why? Let’s Dig Into Its Amazing History!

sheer khurma history

The dish which truly represents the essence of Eid-ul-Fitr is Sheer Khurma. Around the world it is a dish associated with Muslim celebrations. A vermicelli pudding prepared by Muslims on Eid ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha not only in Pakistan but in Afghanistan, India, and many parts of Central Asia.

The name “Sheer Khurma”

Many will be surprised to know that Pakistan’s beloved sweet dish actually originates from Persia.

“Sheer” means milk in Persian and “khurma” means dates.

Dates remained a significant food in Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) life. They are also a vital part of Ramadan as Muslims all over the world break their fast with it. So, there had to be a dish associated with it.

Don’t you love the tradition of waking up every morning to the sweep smell of Sheer Khurma bubbling in the kitchen? Waiting for the men to come back from Eid prayers to delve into the creamy Goodness!

Not only does sheer khurma serve as an amazing breakfast, but it is also served throughout the day to all the visiting guests.

How we got Sheer Khurma: Silk Road

Sheer Khurma is a delicacy that breathes in our traditions even before the Britishers invaded the Subcontinent.

The Silk Road that connected the Subcontinent and Persia, remains the first and the most important road to convey goods and cultures of ancient times. At least in the Subcontinent.


The recipe varies across regions

Traditionally the main ingredients used in sheer khurma are vermicelli, milk, and dates. But as time passes each society has set a different take on the delectable dish Depending on the region, pistachios, cloves, saffron, and rosewater may be added.

First Vermicelli is added and fried in butter/ghee. Then comes milk and is cooked on medium flame until the mixture thickens. Finally add your dry fruits and Viola! The most delicious sweet dish is ready, waiting to be served!

Muslims and now many people around the world are mad over this flavorsome delicacy. It not only represents eid but also highlights the tradition of the whole family coming together to enjoy the sweetness.

Needless to say, Sheer Khurma is an integral part of any Muslim festivities. With new times people have started adopting other Asian Fusion dishes. Nevertheless, Sheer Khurma will always have a soft corner in every Muslim’s heart.


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