PPP Leader Sharmila Faruqi Gets Trolled After She ‘Wishes’ For Lesser Rains In Karachi

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The torrential rains in Karachi is something that no one can ever forget. From the urban flooding to the flooded roads. It seems that Karachi would’ve drowned completely.

Stranded, stuck, and lost people felt helpless at this time, while Sindh government officials slept and didn’t even bother otherwise. From the horrific rain from Tuesday 25th August 2020 to Thursday 27th August 2020 Karachi saw nature’s wrath to the fullest.

Now after the rescue mission is under way and people are somehow getting the assistance they need, Sharmila Faruqi. takes to Twitter to share her thoughts on the matter. However, even her in her life wouldn’t have expected to be called out on so many levels and get trolled.

Twitterati trolls Sharmila Faruqi for PPP’s negligence!

The politician took to Twitter to share her views regarding the torrential rains of Karachi and how she is tired of seeing rain.

Seeing her tweet, not only angered the residents of Karachi; but it gave way to finally channel their angel at one person. From questioning her to why PPP took the matter so incompetently; to why no precautionary steps were taken.

Sharmila Faruqi faced a terrible form of backlash.

Some people on Twitter even took the time to remind her that 70% of the revenue is generated by Karachi. Hence, why is this city not getting cared for?

In addition, some felt that it is time to bring someone new in power and for sure, PPP can not look after the state of Sindh any longer.

Above all, a large number of people responded by saying that they were fed up of PPP; and will not vote for them again.

There is without a doubt the condition of Karachi at the very moment is in shambles. A state of emergency is now announced in different regions of the Metropolis City. About 25 people have been killed in the torrid rain that took over Karachi.

No comment or statement has come from her up till now and we hope there isn’t.

In the end, we hope that somehow cries of Karachites reaches the officials and don’t get ignored again. Above all, we also hope that Sharmila Faruqi refrains from posting such tweets in the future.

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