Shariq Jumani From Columbia University Is In A Critical Condition And Needs Your Help

Shariq Jumani was part of the Karachi Grammar School Class of 2016. Like many other people his age, he hoped to go abroad to for university and his wish was granted when he started his studies at Columbia University, New York.

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However, life is full of unexpected twists and turns that no one can predict. On Monday, June 5th at around 12:30am, he was struck by a fast-moving car as he crossed the street at the intersection of Riverside drive and 115th street.

The car, whose driver possessed a 3-time suspended license, barreled into him and fled the scene. Shariq was immediately rushed to nearby St. Luke’s hospital where it was discovered that he had severe brain trauma, fractured both bones in both his legs, and had internal bleeding in his abdomen. Shariq is 19 years old. Since then, he underwent open-brain surgery, abdominal surgery, orthopedic surgery for his legs, and still has a number of surgeries to go.

The following information is stated on his GoFundMe page, created by his brother, Shehryar.

Shariq Jumani is a rising 2nd-year student at Columbia University, which he attends on a full scholarship. It is hard to adequately put into words the kind of amazing individual he is. His friends describe him as acutely concerned about those around him, incredibly caring, and always wanting to lend a hand to everyone who is lucky enough to know him. He’s joyful and lively and hilariously sarcastic. Talking to Shariq just makes people smile. Despite his high emotional intelligence, his endearing and playful personality make him the “baby” of almost every group he’s a part of. One of his most endearing qualities is his almost obsessive love of cats, and he had many an argument with his family growing up because he wanted to adopt all of the street cats that would roam outside his childhood home.

source: Facebook

Academically, his professors, friends, and family describe him as uniquely ambitious, intelligent, and multifariously talented. Upon admission to Columbia, he received the prestigious Science Research Fellowship, awarded to only 20 of Columbia’s most promising science students annually. Shariq has a perfect 4.0 GPA. He is a proud and active member of numerous campus organizations. He also was awarded a research position for this summer at Columbia University Medical Center to do cancer research under the associate director of the center’s cancer division.

In short, Shariq Jumani is a gem. And his family, friends, and all who know him are just praying he be granted a second chance at being the blessing to this world that he naturally is.

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Although the injury was life-threatening and he remains in critical condition, Shariq has been fighting for his life over the past several days, and we are seeing nothing short of miracles in his improving condition each and every day. At this point, doctors are confident that he will wake up and live to tell the tale of this horrific accident and one day regain most, if not all, of his capabilities.

However, assuming this best case scenario for which we are praying and hoping, there’s a long and expensive road ahead as the severity of Shariq’s injuries will require constant and complex, collaborative care. We believe that anyone who donates to this cause deserves complete transparency in regards to the costs, and the major costs associated with his treatment are listed below:

1. Brain surgery for his right skull fracture and left internal bleeding (subdural hematoma)
2. Abdominal surgery for his initial internal bleeding (splenectomy)
3. Orthopedic surgery for the fractures in his legs (bilateral tibial/fibular fractures)
4. Numerous days in the ICU as he recovers (Day 6 as of June 10th)
5. Medication he’s being administered as he recovers in the ICU
6. Up to a year (but likely more) of intensive mental and physical rehabilitation
7. Legal expenses involved in the hit-and-run
8. Future surgeries (Confirmed: reconstruction of part of his fractured skull)”

The cost of his treatment, rehabilitation, the legal process regarding the hit and run case, and his parents’ travelling and living expenses is beyond his family’s financial capabilities. Please donate to his GoFundMe page at No amount is too small. Even if you can’t donate, spread the word so that those who can donate see this post. This 19-year old boy deserves his chance at life and making the world a better place.

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