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The year 2003 saw the emergence of a simple blog publishing software named ‘WordPress’, which has now evolved into an internet giant, both as an application framework and as a content management system. WordPress serves as the easiest platform for personal websites, news portals, eCommerce stores, communities, forums, blogs and many other websites!

As was reported in February 2017, WordPress is used by more than 31.5% of the top 10 million websites worldwide. Being the most popular website and blog management system, WordPress currently supports more than 60 million websites including the giant blogsites of The New York Times, CNN, Mashable, and eBay.

WP Karachi Meetup:

WordPress Karachi meetups, an idea that was created with only 14 people in 2015 has now evolved into an ever-growing community of 1300 WordPress Professionals within two years, including Developers, Agency owners, Designers, bloggers, students, and learners etc.

Our Aim:

With a tight margin on available jobs these days, WordPress can’t be denied its due importance. It’s creating millions of job opportunities. Employment is no joke. Therefore, we at WP Karachi meetup want to make sure our youth has access to the platform that promises a bright future.

WP Karachi aims to bring together the existing community for sharing ideas and innovative solutions as well as to infuse the spirit of WordPress in future professionals, providing a clarity of vision about the scope of WordPress, so that they can avail an opportunity they will never regret. There are millions of WordPress professionals converting the impossible ideas into living entities and websites, and you can be one of them!

WordPress Meetup Details:

This meetup offers a chance to collaborate with various WordPress professionals, panel discussions, guest speakers, problem-solving and Q/A sessions. Our guest speakers are all successful freelancers and WordPress developers making their living out of WordPress.

  • Talks: How to Setup Email Funnel for your Website

Speaker: Haroon Q Raja, Solution Architect


  •  Talks: How WordPress is Leveraging World Economy

Speaker: Usman Khalid, Founder of WPJIT, Tijarah & JinCrypto


  • Panel Discussion and Q/A Session

How to build your career in WordPress domain


  • Highlights

How to Create Winning Freelancing Profiles

Remote jobs and Platform Independent Freelancing

Who Can Join?

  • WordPress Programmers
  • Freelancers
  • Web Developers
  • WordPress newbies / learners
  • Developers
  • Bloggers, Writers
  • Designers, Photographers
  • Students
  • SEO Professionals

Timings and Venue:

When: Saturday 13th January 2018, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Where: Iqra University, EDC Campus, Karachi

How to Register?

This event is free for everyone, today and forever. Register for the event and fill out the Google Docs. form to claim your spot in this innovation camp!

Sharing innovation together in the WordPress meetup

Saturday, Jan 13, 2018, 2:00 PM

Iqra University
EDC Tower, Iqra University, Shaheed e Millat Road, Karachi Karachi, PK

101 WordPress Went

Its been 2 years and we grew from 14 people to almost 1300 people including WordPressers, Publishers, Marketers, bloggers and WordPress developers from all over Karachi and Hyderabad. Since then, we did a series of successful meetups and build a great community around. Thank you, everyone, who is a part of the events regularly. Registration for Ent…

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Sponsors: WPJIT, Codup, Tijarah

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