Skinny To Ripped; This Guy's All Natural Body Transformation Is Insane!

From Skinny To Ripped; This Guy’s All Natural Body Transformation Is Insane!

Isn’t it absolutely inspiring to see people working hard, pushing beyond the limit and emerging victorious by their efforts? People who continue to conquer their milestones are an epitome of the fact that hard work remarkably pays off!

Bodybuilding is an intricate art. It’s one of the significant subjects that people still need to have more awareness and grow sincere and committed to. Just get into a gym, you will see hundreds of people hitting it every day. Individual stories having individual milestones but every single person has one single desire: to conquer.

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Weight training has recurrently proved its remarkable effects on our bodies and life. It not only remains fundamental in keeping the human body fit but is also a cathartic experience and surely the best token for your confidence. Working out for each and every individual has to be mandatory because if there is one thing that only comes off a heap advantages and very little flip sides, it’s bodybuilding.

You must have heard about epic body transformation stories. You would naturally scramble towards finding out if a transformation has been carried out in natural ways. Is there anyone around you who has had an epic body transformation? Were they thick or thin or just normal and working out hours and hours in a gym, they have turned ruthlessly strong?

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We have one guy, who has had a remarkable experience. He stands to be an inspiration after he turned from skinny to absolutely ripped!

Meet Shanzar Butt, a 20-year-old lad whose game is absolutely terrific! He asserted himself to remarkable standards and has emerged to be a great inspiration for many people who are working hard on their bodies.


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Shanzar was a confused lad. He was not ready to accept himself the way he was. He wanted to be better, he wanted to get muscular and build strength. He wanted to revive his confidence, set his body on the run of the great things it has the potential to do. He did not settle for mediocre standards, instead, he vowed to work hard, make his chances count and emerged victoriously!

He started hitting the gym and documented his transmission from day 1

Shanzar’s transformation is exemplary of the fact that with hard work and commitment, one can surely turn things around! He made what seemed like a giant task, casting over him, shattering his confidence, possible for him by conquering every single day he endured the pain and sweat.

Shanzar is capable of doing superlative variations of different exercises and nails it every time!


It is generally hard for skinny people to gain weight. Hitting the gym is an absolute nightmare and majority bails out. Talk about the commitment and sincerity Shanzar Butt put through in his efforts, he has surely inspired us!

He intends to keep doing better. Most importantly, he wants you to gear up and escalate if you want a change in your life. We appreciate Shanzar Butt for coming out and showcasing the world of what he has achieved. Surely, he boasts morales and puts many people to action.

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