Shaneira Akram and George Fulton Were Found Shopping For Groceries And It Was Hilariously Cute!

Food is one of the things that is loved by all and reunites us! One thing that helps in making lives easier is Shan masala when you’re struggling in cooking and finding it difficult to follow a recipe and fetching the ingredients! The wide variety of spices and mixes available make life very easy. It also makes the whole process of cooking fun and not to forget, the final result comes out absolutely delicious and the aroma is just out of this world!!

Surely can’t deny that!

It’s become almost a necessity to have Shan food items in every cart at the store upon your trip to buy grocery. Especially when there is a meaty Eid just around the corner. The variety of masala’s and other items will make your dishes so mouth-watering and a meal worth remembering.

Shaneira Akram and George Fulton were spotted at a grocery store, shopping and it is absolutely adorable! Check out the full video!


Throughout the video, as they run around the store, we see them specifically keeping a tab on time by looking at their watches constantly. They were given a shopping challenge where they were allotted a limited time to gather all the ingredients for a particular dish. Although we did not get know what exactly the dish was. We sure are intrigued to find out where this expedition heads off to and more importantly, how it ends!

What are they up to, is the BIG question!


Shan Foods taking on such fun concepts have got us hooked and very excited. We cannot wait to know how they follow it up so stay tuned for something cool surely coming our way! In the meantime, you should probably head to a store and stock up on the Shan masalas for this year’s BBQ parties!

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