Shaniera Akram’s Latest Twitter Conversation with Humayun Saeed is One Reason Why We Adore Her

I am as Desi as can be…” said Shaniera once while commenting on how people refer as non-Desi. The wife of Sultan of Swing Wasim Akram has definitely embraced Pakistani culture the way no one else could. While living in one of the toughest cities in Pakistan, the Karachiite always devotes herself in humanitarian work while bringing out a positive image of this country.

While belonging to the foreign world, Shaniera has never shown any difficulty in adapting the cultural differences. In fact, she makes it look pretty easy.

Just Look at the Way She Represents Pakistan

But that is just not it.

Recently, Shaniera Visited Punjab and Tweeted About It

What makes this tweet even more adorable, aside from her pose is how she wrote it in Urdu. She mentioned the hashtag of recent Pakistani film Punjab Nahi Jaungi, starring Hamyun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat.

Upon Seeing the Hashtag, the Actor Tweeted to Shaniera

He then Invited Shaniera Bhaabi to Watch the Movie with English Sub-titles

Wasim Akram also Showed his Interest in Watching the Movie

It is lovely to see how Shaniera involves herself in our country, given the difference of background and culture aspects.

Best of all, She is our National Bhaabi and She Loves it!

We are glad to have you as our national bhaabi! <3

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