Shaniera Akram Emphasizes The Importance Of Seatbelts For Children’s Safety

Shaniera Akram

It is no surprise that Shaniera Akram takes road safety very seriously. She has mentioned the importance of seatbelts on numerous occasions, and here she is again, reminding us how important it is to wear a seatbelt.

The activist particularly referred to children in passenger seats left unsecured and posted a series of photos on her Instagram, featuring screenshots from a crash test video that was a depiction of the damage not wearing a seatbelt can cause.

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“You think this can’t happen? Ask yourself who is responsible for your child’s life???! I counted 70 cars in defence this morning, 64 of them had children in the car without belts. Cars that have seatbelts in them,” she wrote.

“Why would anyone ever be stupid enough to risk their child’s life when traveling in a car if they didn’t have to?” Akram posed a rhetorical question to highlight how much of a difference a simple seatbelt can make.

“Let’s make this a happy Ramazan and make sure your kids are safe. Prevention is always better than ‘I should have but didn’t! Be smart, save lives. Put your kids in the back with a seatbelt on PLEASE,” stressed the activist.

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This is not the first time Akram pointed out ignorance of road safety rules. In July 2021, couple Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram posted Instagram stories of them enjoying a drive in the monsoon season with no seatbelts in sight. As an additional disappointment, Ikram was filming while driving.

Akram called out the irresponsible behavior but to no avail. In January this year, the newlyweds posted a video where they blatantly ignored road safety protocols once more with the added recklessness of having their niece on Ikram’s lap as he drove. Many others called out the couple for endangering the kid’s life.

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Even though some may take Akram’s words lightly, it does not mean that the activist will stop reminding people to stay safe and prevent damage to themselves or their loved ones. In July last year, she posted a series of Instagram stories to explain the matter in detail.

“I’m going to say this for those few people who still think they don’t need a seatbelt on because they are just driving a short distance and/or they are only driving slowly,” she wrote. “It doesn’t matter what distance you are traveling or how fast you are going. All it takes is one car to hit your car and your life or your loved ones’ life could be over.”

Remember everyone, seatbelts are there for a reason. Putting on one only takes a few seconds and it could save your life!

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