Find Out Why Shaniera Akram Is Ashamed Of Being A Human

Shaniera Akram Tweets Disturbing Video Of Animal Cruelty Says "Ashamed Of Being Human"

Animal cruelty is an ever-present issue lurking in the corners waiting to be brought into the spotlight. Shaniera Akram has finally opened the dialogue by tweeting a disturbing video of animal cruelty. She wrote in the tweet that “sometimes I get so ashamed of being human”.

The video originally posted by Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF) official twitter handle shows how a man sneakingly grabs a stray dog by its tail and twirls it around.

Such cases of animal abuse are mostly overlooked and people don’t even bat an eyelid over the pain caused to these poor animals.

“Sometimes I get so ashamed of being human”

An elderly man walks by unconcerned in the video, which is a telltale sign of how less of attention parents and elders of our society pay on such unforgiving matters.

Abuse is abuse, if you allow your children to abuse animals then later in life, they will feel a little less reluctant to show mercy or concern to their fellow humans.

ACF to the rescue!

The ACF has been dedicated to their work of helping stray animals find shelter and safe homes. They are often witnessed highlighting such barbaric cases which mostly go unnoticed with a few splattered retweets here and there.

They have brought to light a very important point, “People often argue with us and say it’s not their fault that dogs are biting.”

Twitterati react to the heart-rending video

For instance, one Twitter user has raised a very valid point, he tweeted;

Others also reacted being furious over such abuse.

ACF has also tweeted back to Shaniera, which also holds a very important message for us all, they tweeted.

You can’t blame animals for lashing out when they are only defending themselves from possible harm. Cases like these make them lose faith in all humans and therefore trigger them to attack instinct. Such animal brutality is one of the main factors of any nation’s falling.


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